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Take good care, m.

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Below is a touching Taiwanese classic.

[The English lines below are my translations.]

Upon thinking about home my tears drop
Please don’t worry about me, my dear mama Read the rest of this entry


Taipei: vue limitée n°6- Prayers before the trip

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I went to Hsing Tian Kong (a.k.a Hsing Tian Temple) to pray to Guan Gong for a safe and smooth one-year journey.

(Oops, I seemed to miss out “fruitful” and “enjoyable.” Nah, I guess I’ll have to work on those by myself.)

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Taipei: vue limitée n°5- Wordless Song

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Read the rest of this entry

Taipei: vue limitée n°4- Mazu, Lins’ Garden, night

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On the way to visit our latest pin girl for the blog, I bumped into this “tour of inspection” of Mazu‘s.

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Taipei: vue limitée n°3- best friend, old house anew, gear

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This is a new hit place in Taipei — an architect transformed an old wooden building constructed back in Japanese colonization period: the first floor is a café, the second the office for his practice.

A skylight is added. Read the rest of this entry

My Favorite Taiwanese Song

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* All translated English titles in the article are my own translations.

I’m always bad at naming a single favorite for anything.  Were I asked to name my favorite Taiwanese song, though, I would most certainly answer “月夜愁” (Sorrow of Moon-Lit Night, with Taiwanese and not Mandarin lyrics Read the rest of this entry

I ♥ my dumplings!

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Gosh I’m gonna miss them.. although this time unfortunately neither the ang-kak (紅麴) nor the spinach (菠菜) flavors of the skin (cf. this post.) is available.  😦  Still, my dumpling stuffing kicks asses!
(This entry comes with a demonstration video!)


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