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Samson, Boris, QoS!!! 波蘭看三齣歌劇!

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Tonight my Polish Angel notified me that he has purchased for me:

tickets to Wrocław for Samson and Dalila and for Borys Godunow [sic.; Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky] and to Warszaw Queen of Spades for you[.]

Tickets of Wroclaw Opera (Operze Wrocławska) cannot be purchased on-line, which was why Read the rest of this entry

Hooray: Two More Saviors

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And this morning, looking at all the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful (yes, alas, wonderful. Didn’t I just say “wonderful” three times?) sunlight through the bus window, I thought I should write a letter, which shall have the following beginning:

Dear Ariel,

Please don’t swim to Taiwan, Read the rest of this entry

Tallinn, Rakvere, Sillamäe, Narva, Poland

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Rakvere只有三、四家旅館,而且都很貴。如果沒有找到沙發,本來就想放棄了; Read the rest of this entry

Re-Route Poland? 歐足之亂

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I’m rather really worried about Poland, especially Warsaw and Wroclaw.
Why? Please read the accounts below.

I know everything in a backpacking trip (even if not a CS-ing one) is subject to changes, but I really intend to nail down things for my Baltic and Poland parts, mainly because:
– I want to see operas, and I need to buy tickets in advance;
– the big UEFA is coming, and one needs to be VERY SURE about accommodation.

I just matched my dates with the UEFA match dates, and then I checked some hostel booking websites: for dates of matches and dates right proceeding the matches, all hostels are either FULLY BOOKED, Read the rest of this entry

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