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Have-Been’s 去過的土地

As I’m prone to be, I want to be “precise,” which is why, even for a tiny country that I have covered rather extensively like the Netherlands I need to add “most of” before its name.

Where have I traveled to (before this RTW trip)? People have always asked me.  Well, here you go:

– most of Germany;
– most of France;
– London, UK
– most of the Netherlands
– three or four main Belgium cities;
– several Swiss cities, including Zurich and Basel (Bale)
– Copenhagen, Denmark;
– Madrid and Barcelona, Spain;
Italy from Rome northward up to Venice
– several cities in Czech
– a big part of Peru, minus its tropical rain forest and northern coastline and desert, and Machu Picchu (even though I reached Cuzco and (Sacred Valley”);
– Cairo, Egypt (well, just barely)

(And I do not take into considerations a barely handful of names I visited on business — that isn’t really “traveling” to me.)

And to answer a question that tends to follow after people see this list, No, I’m not a rich man — I just got the backpacking bug back in college (when I could take multiple part-time jobs, spare most things just for my CDs and backpacking trips).


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