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From Bremen with Love 我的布萊梅故事

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This article basically serves as a testimony as to how crappy my German is.

But in any case all these originates in a beautiful story (well, not about how my German proficiency has deteriorated..)


那年是大二升大三(還是大一升大二?)的暑假。Having learned German for barely two years (or just one?), I bravely (while actually being scared like hell) took the opportunity to go to Bremen, Germany for a three-week German language summer camp. 對,就是《格林童話》中〈不萊梅的樂隊〉那個不萊梅。Lots of nice things happened, I became friends instantly with several very warm Eastern European fellow students, variously from Poland, Czech and Hungary.  But two very special friends are probably only “known” to me. Read the rest of this entry

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