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Hooray: Two More Saviors

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And this morning, looking at all the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful (yes, alas, wonderful. Didn’t I just say “wonderful” three times?) sunlight through the bus window, I thought I should write a letter, which shall have the following beginning:

Dear Ariel,

Please don’t swim to Taiwan, Read the rest of this entry

Liepāja accomodation: bunking in prison? 沒事住什麼監獄..

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OK, I think I have read about this Karosta Prison hotel a couple of times on the Backpacker Forum in Taiwan, but… honestly is there any good reasons other than really wanting to stay in a prison cell for a night?  And even deprived of shower facilities (according to a Taiwanese), while the location is far from prime?

According to 大食OL on the aforementioned forum (背包客棧),

用家心得: 如果閣下曾經住過斯洛文尼亞Ljubljana的Hostel Celica或瑞典斯德哥爾摩的Langholmens監獄旅館的話, 請將住在這兩地的「愉快」記憶抹去 – Karosta Prison Hostel純粹是給一些想有「另類體驗」及追求「刺激」(其實我不覺得)的旅客居住的地方, 在閣下決定入住之前, 絕對要有以下心理準備: – Read the rest of this entry

Bye bye Tukums 立陶宛刪一天

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Just deleted a Latvia day: Jaunpils Castle + Tukums.

That means everything from then on: Kuldiga, Liepaja, Klaipeda, Lithuania and Poland, and so on, are shifted to one day earlier.

I need to double and triple check my Excel file to make sure that the things that follow correspond to the right dates — I mean, things like flights and operas.

And if Read the rest of this entry

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