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想知道我在哪、路線怎麼走、何時到哪兒,請務必先看「Route/date 行程/日期!」頁面。

請亦勿錯過我分類為 “FQA常見問題” 的文章,包括,為什麼我要環遊世界

This is a travel blog of a Taiwanese guy’s multi-country (so-called Round-the-world) journey, which is scheduled to begin on 1 May 2012 and last roughly 300 days.

Wish me all the good luck! Contributions of all sorts are also welcome 😛

For destinations, dates and routes, please definitely read my “Route/date!” page.

Please also read the entries under the “FQA” category, especially about why I commit myself to this RTW trip at all.

Outline before departure of this RTW Grand Tour:

– max. 90 days for Shenghen area, including
— 2 days in Helsinki (for easier flight combination; otherwise I’d choose Tallinn)
— Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania: 20 days
— Poland: ca. 33 days
— Slovakia + Hungary: 32?

– 50 days for Balkan countries, including: Serbia, Bosnia (BiH), Montenegro, Kosovo, Macdeonia, Albania, and fly off from Dubrvonik (Croatia) (originally planned to be Tirana (Albania))
Subsequently comes the South America parts:
– Colombia: 4 weeks
– Ecuador: 3 weeks
– Peru (only some parts): < 2 weeks
– Chile + Easter Island (Falkland Islands are in a earlier draft version but are later dismissed): 4~5 weeks
– Argentina: maximum 45 days
– Mexico: 3~4 weeks.

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  1. Budapest will wellcome you.

  2. This seems to be a great blog and i hope you enjoy all of your travel experiences.


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