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Taipei: vue limitée n°3- best friend, old house anew, gear

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This is a new hit place in Taipei — an architect transformed an old wooden building constructed back in Japanese colonization period: the first floor is a café, the second the office for his practice.

A skylight is added.

But hey, today the important thing is to meet Wales, officially the most knowledgeable (in terms of music and all other things) friend of mine, who also happens to be not only shy but also annoyingly modest and refuses to co-operate with my “Hug Series” photography project.  In fact the picture below shows a really rare occasion in which our great photographer consents (barely) to be photographed and even allowed me to advance this close.

What’s it like to have panini and coffee in an old Japanese house? well, the panini is quite good actually, the coffee no less so.

Among Wales’s many talents is his photography skills; it’s only lamentable that I can only bring a camera instead of this cameraman also.  Who else can make my chin look the way it looks in the pictures below?


After more than four leisurely hours, we took a walk to enjoy one fine Taipei afternoon and checked out Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Park.



防寒衛生衣二件1XX0 + 盥洗包 7X0 = TWD 4,100
(唉,這種登山用品都好貴… 很想買一件Gortex防風雨衣,不過實在是…)


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  1. I’m so flattered 🙂


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