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2012 RTW Route/date 行程/日期!

Please click the following link to open the Excel file for the unfinished 2012 RTW trip.


This was at the time constantly updated and subject to change (especially when visa issues are involved: Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Chile and Argentina..).  Hence, feel free to:

1) make any constructive suggestions — the best way to reach me is via email;
2) Come back at all times!! 本頁內容(尤其是附件)隨時會變更!是故請隨時回頭看看.

Will you and I meet at some point?
Will you be able to provide me a bed/couch? 🙂


Latest updates in the file:

*Dubrovnik- Bogota flight date-change! Re-routing til Quito! (12 September 2012)

*Colombia to Lima: itinerary mapped with dates (9 September 2012)

*Balkan revised (17 August 2012)

*Balkan revised (still unsure) with flight rescheduled (29 July 2012)

*Balkan tentative (13 July 2012)

*Re-routing and re-dating Slovakia and Hungary parts. Balkan still tentative. (22 June 2012)

*Revisions of mainly Slovakia part (2 June 2012)

*Updates (foods and so on) (3 April 2012)

*Re-route Poland by relying on Greg’s plans and (partly) his transportation. (29 March 2012)

*Delete Rakvere, Sillamae, Narva, which basically moves everything two days forward.  Poland dates are also being modified.  For the moment the dates up to Gdańsk/Sopot/Gdynia tricity are AFFIRMED; dates for destinations that follow are to be ad-justed.

*Delete Tukums, Latvia, hence everything shifts forward for one day. (And if I can’t find reasonable accommodation in Narva, Estonia, I’ll delete that too.) (12 March 2012)

*Tallinn, Rakvere, Sillamae+Narva dates readjusted. (11 March 2012)

* Things regarding Warsaw may (and may not) change, since I plan to get the Serbia visa there, and maybe one more; not sure if that’ll delay anything, although they told me the visa can be obtained on the same day.

* Schedule starting from Slovakia and Hungary can be less certain, since (a) the dates are still far away; (b) I may be mentally tired; (c) I’m not 100% sure how the Zakopane tour and the Slovakia side of Tatra Park works; (d) not sure whether how visa applications for Serbia, Macedonia, BiH may work in Bratislava/Budapest.

* Oh, and who knows what I’ll do if someONE special comes the way lol


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  1. hey man, if Yer goin to Dubrovnik – a wee bit further up there´s a town called Trogir on the Dalmatian coast, it`s got a superb looking old town which is also in the UNESCO world heritage list, since You`re around there You might as well check it out. Or at least google it. I was there a few years back and it was lovely.

    • Yes dear Lauri, I did my research on Croatia; the only reason I skipped it entirely was because of its high prices in peak season, even though September things are supposed to wind down a tad. And the reason I added Dubrovnik at the very last moment is that, after all the drama about Malev going belly-up, I can only leave Eastern Europe (well, relatively speaking, or let’s say Balkan area) for Colombia in this city.

  2. and also… HOLY SHIT MAN, Your itinerary is rad!

  3. 哈囉,我在CS Latvia版看到你的文,很開心你要到拉脫維亞玩,我在那兒交換學生待了近一年,很喜歡這個國家。這個星期六有個PTT版聚,在DE ROOT,不知道你有沒有參加?

  4. taiwaneseatheart

    Much easier to read than before! The layout seems pretty much the same but it’s clearer. Since the picture is only on the side of the page, it doesn’t make it hard to read the posts.

    The page didn’t take long to fully load which is also good.

  5. Much easier to read. The picture is placed only on one side of the page so it doesn’t make reading the posts hard.

    The layout is basically the same, but it feels less crammed without the background pattern.

    Good improvement over all!

  6. for me there are too many colours

  7. wow, I’m speachless!!! how great, you make me so jealous now!!!
    but, still, I wish you all the best for your journey!!!

    so, being XXLarge opera fan too, I would be so happy to meet you in Belgrade, Serbia this summer.
    also, I highly recommend you to check this festival:
    this year it would be from 6-12. VIII, so maybe you can make few changes and visit it, no doubt you will like it a lot!

    plus, even I think it’s to far to surf for couches right now, but if you want, I can suggest few people to meet in: Gdansk/Gdyna, Krakow, Bratislava, Novi Sad, Mostar, Ohrid, Tirana…

    cheers, Ivica.

    • Ivica, do you have a profile somewhere? have we talked before?
      Thanks for the advice. Is it the Trumpet Festival? if so, I’ve heard a number of Serbian people complaining how it’s changed to the point of being unpleasant.
      As for the people you know, I think it’s never too early to get to know people. Therefore, just bring it on! introduce me to whichever nice people you know.

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