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近期準備彙整 Updates

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行程亂不打緊, Read the rest of this entry

問到馬其頓免簽了! One less visa to apply

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I just want to inform you that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia few days ago took a decision for temporary (from April 1, 2012 till March 31, 2013) abolishing of the visas for the holders of passport of Taiwan Read the rest of this entry

Serbia/Macedonia/BiH visas截至2012/3/30整理

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Sometimes visa application matters force me to want to use four-letter words.  Just sometimes.



Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) 波赫: Read the rest of this entry

The beginning of the end

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The pie, I guess, is crème de la crème of this “surprise birthday celebration-(way)-in-advance “party (and gosh my birthday is almost five months away in July — by that time I’ll supposedly be in Slovakia if all plans go smoothly, I hope!) — indeed isn’t it just lovely and totally photogenic?

Right before the celebration I bought the Toshiba R830 i3 2330 notebook for which I’ve been eying for so long.  This is the first major purchase (hence “sunken cost”) for this Grand Tour, and also the first strike for the demolition…

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