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問到馬其頓免簽了! One less visa to apply

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I just want to inform you that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia few days ago took a decision for temporary (from April 1, 2012 till March 31, 2013) abolishing of the visas for the holders of passport of Taiwan Read the rest of this entry

Serbia/Macedonia/BiH visas截至2012/3/30整理

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Sometimes visa application matters force me to want to use four-letter words.  Just sometimes.



Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) 波赫: Read the rest of this entry

BiH, Macedonia, Serbia簽證在波蘭辦?

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A couple of days ago I Skyped-out, with a very swollen throat, to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.  While I know that theoretically a Taiwanese can apply in Hungary for the respective visas of Serbia (塞爾維亞), BiH (short for Bosnia and Herzegovina 波士尼亞及赫塞哥維亞,簡稱波赫) and Macedonia (馬其頓), I’d rather play it safe. 畢竟我的申根90天如果照我排的進度,是用到87天滿滿的,剩下3天就是要拿來作任何突發狀況的緩衝-等簽證啦、在東歐飛南美時如果有什麼曲折啦(最好是 沒有啦,千拜託萬拜託),總是小心點好。即使可以避進Romania或Bulgaria,嘿,如果這二國突然從半申根變成全申根呢?

The first lady that picked up the phone swiftly transferred my call to an English-speaking lady.  I slowly and concisely articulated my identity, using only “Taiwan” and emphatically not “China.” She checked some facts about me, and the verdict is simple: Read the rest of this entry

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