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問到馬其頓免簽了! One less visa to apply

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I just want to inform you that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia few days ago took a decision for temporary (from April 1, 2012 till March 31, 2013) abolishing of the visas for the holders of passport of Taiwan Read the rest of this entry

Serbia/Macedonia/BiH visas截至2012/3/30整理

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Sometimes visa application matters force me to want to use four-letter words.  Just sometimes.



Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) 波赫: Read the rest of this entry

BiH, Macedonia, Serbia簽證在波蘭辦?

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A couple of days ago I Skyped-out, with a very swollen throat, to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.  While I know that theoretically a Taiwanese can apply in Hungary for the respective visas of Serbia (塞爾維亞), BiH (short for Bosnia and Herzegovina 波士尼亞及赫塞哥維亞,簡稱波赫) and Macedonia (馬其頓), I’d rather play it safe. 畢竟我的申根90天如果照我排的進度,是用到87天滿滿的,剩下3天就是要拿來作任何突發狀況的緩衝-等簽證啦、在東歐飛南美時如果有什麼曲折啦(最好是 沒有啦,千拜託萬拜託),總是小心點好。即使可以避進Romania或Bulgaria,嘿,如果這二國突然從半申根變成全申根呢?

The first lady that picked up the phone swiftly transferred my call to an English-speaking lady.  I slowly and concisely articulated my identity, using only “Taiwan” and emphatically not “China.” She checked some facts about me, and the verdict is simple: Read the rest of this entry

Just called the Serbia Embassy in Warsaw

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I wrote to The Embassy of Serbia in Warsaw on March the 1st.  Haven’t got a response.

Just now I made an internet phone call to them.  The first guy speaks only Serbian and Polish.  After hearing me saying very slowly “English” and “visa,” he transferred my call to a female colleague, whose English is.. slightly better.

In the end Read the rest of this entry

Rough plans for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (in this order)

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I’ll spend four weeks in Colombia and three in Ecuador.)

If possible, I do wish to avoid high (or at least peak) season so that things won’t become too expensive.

I think I have to do Peru in November (i.e., AFTER arriving in Colombia in mid-September and continuing to Ecuador), since if I go directly to Peru from Europe, I’ll likely have visa problems with Chile and Argentina.  In any case it’ll be much safer for me to try to sort that out ONE COUNTRY IN ADVANCE (like in Ecuador).

Since the only thing in Peru that I feel I need to see but haven’t is Machu Picchu, I’ll limit my stay in Peru (mainly Lima) for roughly 2 weeks or a bit more than that; I’ll plan the flights to and back from Cuzco (with round-trip trains from somewhere to Aguas Calientes) at the middle of the stay, preferably not too close to my direct flight to Easter Island

2012/2/6對OneWorld RTW ticket重新思考..

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本來走 Tirana/Budapest/Madrid/Bogota,

查了一下,Albania周邊國家(如Sofia, Bulgaria)沒什麼轉機簡單的點,多半還是會飛到London(雙機場)轉。


可是,如果直接查Dubrovnik (DBV) => Bogota,仍然都會是三段(至四段),例如

– 先飛到Lima的話如果就從Peru開始玩,那要跑到Colombia又繞路;
– 先飛到Santiago那一定不能入境智利,因為沒簽證。

Read the rest of this entry

小小確認:關於Chile visa

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(不過根據他們網頁所寫,自2012/2/1起申請智簽免簽證費。(可能僅限 Read the rest of this entry

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