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Take good care, m.

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Below is a touching Taiwanese classic.

[The English lines below are my translations.]

Upon thinking about home my tears drop
Please don’t worry about me, my dear mama Read the rest of this entry

Taipei: vue limitée n°6- Prayers before the trip

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I went to Hsing Tian Kong (a.k.a Hsing Tian Temple) to pray to Guan Gong for a safe and smooth one-year journey.

(Oops, I seemed to miss out “fruitful” and “enjoyable.” Nah, I guess I’ll have to work on those by myself.)

  Read the rest of this entry

擁抱計畫 Hug Series: n°3- Dimple Marvel

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A good hug lights up the day, and
A great hug inspires aspiration.

Read the rest of this entry

Taipei: vue limitée n°3- best friend, old house anew, gear

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This is a new hit place in Taipei — an architect transformed an old wooden building constructed back in Japanese colonization period: the first floor is a café, the second the office for his practice.

A skylight is added. Read the rest of this entry

My Favorite Taiwanese Song

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* All translated English titles in the article are my own translations.

I’m always bad at naming a single favorite for anything.  Were I asked to name my favorite Taiwanese song, though, I would most certainly answer “月夜愁” (Sorrow of Moon-Lit Night, with Taiwanese and not Mandarin lyrics Read the rest of this entry

I ♥ my dumplings!

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Gosh I’m gonna miss them.. although this time unfortunately neither the ang-kak (紅麴) nor the spinach (菠菜) flavors of the skin (cf. this post.) is available.  😦  Still, my dumpling stuffing kicks asses!
(This entry comes with a demonstration video!)


我的新眼睛:New Camera!

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Below are some test photos and videos(!) made with my new camera during the past weekend!
Please click the photos to see larger versions (where one can click the magnifier icon on upper right for further details).

全景還不錯。My new camera has a nice panorama feature.

Sony’s exclusive video format is kind of a source of irritation: maybe the files are too big so that playback (as can be seen in the Youtube links below) can’t be 100% smooth — still, enjoy some city views of Taipei (from a motorcycle!).

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