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這篇本來猶豫是否該寫,畢竟這個網誌主軸是本次grand tour,不過想來亦無不可,畢竟我擅長的少少幾件事中,帶著暱愛或愁悵往後看一直是其中之一。想來這是在當今世界生存的一大缺陷吧。


  • 鳳飛飛 Fong Fei-Fei
    (This vintage footage effortlessly shows how the beloved “Hat Diva” wins all hearts.)

“Sprinkle with bitter tears my earthly remains”

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“Spargi d’amaro pianto il mio terrestre velo,” the cabaletta to the heroine’s mad scene in Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor.

No, this isn’t remotely related to this extended travel of mine, nor even exactly related to my state(s) of mind(s).  But I just feel like sharing a dear, dear, dear piece — and when sung by the great Maria Callas, it is simply an amazing experience.

(The version above Read the rest of this entry

Garnier! (2012/10/19 Stravinsky: Rake’s Progress評論. Paris (Garnier) Opera)

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如果在Garnier看Les HuguenotsLes vêpres siciliennes或至少Romeo et Juliette之類的刻就太銷魂了,不過如果是那樣,我大概也排不到last-minute的票。(話說回來,我到現場才知道原來last-minute的票是25歐元而非10歐,而且必須是26歲以下、學生、低收入、或60歲以上才能買。我到了櫃台才知道,我說:「哦,那我不能買,因為我沒證件。」沒想到賣票職員很帥氣地說:「你看起來夠年輕。我說你是學生就是 Read the rest of this entry

Here’s your music consultant.

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Once again Yours Truly comes to the rescue.  Years ago I was assigned the task to choose a 20th-century opera aria for a young light baritone to enter a competition.  This time it’s a Polish vocal student, in fact my Poznań host, who asked ideas for duets involving a bass and another voice, preferably for that of a female.

An invigorating task it is, though not a difficult one.

A first one that came to my mind was something I did earlier:

有獎徵答 Prize Quiz

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請舉出五齣以Sevilla (Seville) 為背景的歌劇。


10/5新增提示: Read the rest of this entry


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I searched and found for a particular Boheme online, Read the rest of this entry

2012/6/6 Mussorgsky (Rimsky-Kosakov)- Boris Godunov評論. Wroclaw Opera

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Opera Wrocławska這場演出用的是Rimsky-Korsakov版的譜,演出約三小時。製作效果不錯,服裝不是很傳統,佈景顯然也不走傳統考究風格,不過Godunov首次出場珠光寶氣的沙皇長袍倒是很像樣子。除了銅管有一點放炮、以及序幕合唱團有奇怪的放炮外,整體算是穩。

Godunov最重要的應該是三個男低音角色。Pimen表現不錯,醉酒僧侶Vlarlaam可能還更佳些,雖然他比較像低男中音而不像男低音。至於Boris, Read the rest of this entry

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