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Ushuaia Drama: Part II

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After I nailed the whole RTW flight shebang — so I thought –, I got this morning an email from a Limeño friend.  He asserts that he knows the reason why LAN, the former Chilean national flag carrier that was already privatized, “no longer offers flights to or from Ushuaia.”  According to him, newspapers uniformly chant the following fact:

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I did it! 「按確定!」

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(It starts at 1:25.)


And I did! I purchased the OneWorld Round-the-World flight tickets!

At the cost of: Read the rest of this entry

Ushuaia Drama

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今天本來要開票了,(還想好標題要借「百萬小學堂」的「按確定!」!)結果當我要求AA職員把Ushuaia飛Buenos Aires (AEP) 及AEP飛Iguazu的日期各敲在2013年1月底時,她說前者無法敲。


USH (Ushuaia)/ AEP:只看得到最晚可訂的日期是2012/12/30。(31日理論上有,但沒位子。)
AEP/IGR (Iguazu, Argentina):可以訂。

事實上如果要訂一月LAN的飛機,即便是SCL/MEX也可以訂。簡單說,就是Ushuaia神奇地消失了。 Read the rest of this entry

Improvising Wit

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Let this be a reminder of my improvising capacities.

(Hey, have I forgotten how I fled Egypt and totally improvise a totally unprepared trip to Jordan and Syria, Read the rest of this entry

Rough plans for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (in this order)

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I’ll spend four weeks in Colombia and three in Ecuador.)

If possible, I do wish to avoid high (or at least peak) season so that things won’t become too expensive.

I think I have to do Peru in November (i.e., AFTER arriving in Colombia in mid-September and continuing to Ecuador), since if I go directly to Peru from Europe, I’ll likely have visa problems with Chile and Argentina.  In any case it’ll be much safer for me to try to sort that out ONE COUNTRY IN ADVANCE (like in Ecuador).

Since the only thing in Peru that I feel I need to see but haven’t is Machu Picchu, I’ll limit my stay in Peru (mainly Lima) for roughly 2 weeks or a bit more than that; I’ll plan the flights to and back from Cuzco (with round-trip trains from somewhere to Aguas Calientes) at the middle of the stay, preferably not too close to my direct flight to Easter Island

2012/2/6對OneWorld RTW ticket重新思考..

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本來走 Tirana/Budapest/Madrid/Bogota,

查了一下,Albania周邊國家(如Sofia, Bulgaria)沒什麼轉機簡單的點,多半還是會飛到London(雙機場)轉。


可是,如果直接查Dubrovnik (DBV) => Bogota,仍然都會是三段(至四段),例如

– 先飛到Lima的話如果就從Peru開始玩,那要跑到Colombia又繞路;
– 先飛到Santiago那一定不能入境智利,因為沒簽證。

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2012/2/5 Malev drama 大查機票

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Tirana (Albania)/ Budapest (Hungary)/ Madrid (Spain)/ Bogota (Colombia)

可是Tirana/Budapest和Budapest/Madrid都是Malev Airlines(匈牙利航空),而匈航破產了。不知道匈航破產會比較像日航破產(小case)還是墨航破產(大家都不鳥它了)。




1) 在2012/9從Tirana到Bogota的方案有:
Tirana/Vienna/Madrid/Bogota (其中後二班是由屬於OneWorld的Iberia提供,所以我可以自己飛到Vienna,再改點把Budapest改成Vienna飛過去接。)

2) 自購機票銜接的方案:
Tirana/Vienna = Euro 334 up (via Istanbul) 總長7hr(小時)
Tirana/Madrid = Euro 324 up (via Istanbul) 總長22hr Read the rest of this entry

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