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Paris hopefully anew. 徵求巴黎私房推薦

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What can you recommend about Paris in terms of recreation, food, tiny unknown places, CD shops — in other words everything and anything?

巴黎,到過好幾次了。可是再一次前去,我想徵求大家不同的建議- Read the rest of this entry

向各位看倌提問。A question to you all.

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是的,Madrid- Bogota機票今天早上不快地奮戰許久後終於買好,但在一個多小時、也就是馬德里時間下午7點多時,我被迫取消-因為被告知短期內不准進哥倫比亞。



  • 取消環球票,在先前未規劃的部分歐洲旅行二~三個月,甚至加上埃及或亞洲(?),
  • 飛至Quito, Ecuador或其他南美洲目的地,盡力完成中南美旅程。


[9/26 update:


  • 我累了。我這次真的是洩氣了。連續坐了25小時飛機,過了五天重買機票,才又被告知不准再進哥倫比亞,我真的是受夠了。(過了五天馬上振作到可以馬上重買機票繼續旅程,這樣夠正面、夠積極、夠努力了吧?)
  • 要進南美,由於被告知「舊式(新換發的)確定有效,但晶片護照進南美各國海關比較不會有問題」,我決定,沒重換成晶片護照我不敢進南美。我不想再和荷包開幾萬元幾萬元的玩笑。可是9/26西班牙時間中午被告知, Read the rest of this entry


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  • 在波蘭補發護照品質粗劣,
  • 哥倫比亞波哥大機場海關可能最近遇到太多持變造假的台灣護照的中國人,


Why this RTW trip 為何要環球旅行一年

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Please scroll down to see a complete English version of this article, which is a comprehensive account itself while not necessarily a precise translated version of the Chinese.
How to say “I feel trapped” in a cutesy way:

為什麼要去旅行這麼久?原因很簡單,因為要減肥。 Read the rest of this entry

Why do I use a Western name?

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“Why do you use a Western name?” I’ve heard this question so many times — I encountered it before, but ever since I started to work on this trip, I think I’ve been questioned (in various ways) a zillion times.  And the question tends to either denote or precede the following questions:

  • Why don’t you use your “real” name? Are you a fake? Are you trying to hide something? (It doesn’t seem fair that I tell you my full name and yet you tell me only a Western name that isn’t on any of your official document, does it?)
  • Aren’t you supposed to be true to your culture? Why adopt a name that has no real links to your (Taiwanese) identity?
  • Should one get to choose a name for him/herself? Why not use the name given by your parents?

Not that I mind these questions, since Read the rest of this entry

!How to read this blog! 本網誌使用說明

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1. 幾個英文的說明:如右圖。

2. 訂閱這個blog-別錯過任何更新!請參照圖,
Please refer to illustrations below to see how to subscribe.
Make sure you go to your email to activate the confirmation letter — from now on you won’t miss ANY updates!

3. 我現在走到哪了?最新行程規劃是如何
請點選 “Itineraries!” 頁面,點開其中的Excel檔!
For my latest itinerary update, Read the rest of this entry

花費概算 Expense Estimate

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Many people have been asking me exactly what kind of budget I’ve set for this Round-the-World trip.  (Related questions are: you must be rich? or as Taiwanese would put it, “I thought this is something one does only when one hits the jackpot?” Unfortunately, answers to all the questions above are “no,” and I also was neither born in nor married into a wealthy family (alas).  Well, here you go:

我以前有非常粗略算過這趟旅行要花多少錢。很久前我應該是粗糙地將上限訂在TWD 1,000,000,然後回來端盤子賣唱打雜繡衣或從事猛男秀(屆時是瘦排骨秀吧?),不過凡事留個安全緩衝比較好。

(800,000 – 140,000 – 20,000) / 300 = TWD 2,133。

That means the daily expenditure quota I set for myself is roughly € Read the rest of this entry

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