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Why this RTW trip 為何要環球旅行一年

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Please scroll down to see a complete English version of this article, which is a comprehensive account itself while not necessarily a precise translated version of the Chinese.
How to say “I feel trapped” in a cutesy way:

為什麼要去旅行這麼久?原因很簡單,因為要減肥。 Read the rest of this entry

新增翻譯功能 New: Translator Feature!

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Gestern Morgen habe dies getan: 加上翻譯功能是我一直想做的事。部份原因是因為台灣一些不讀英文的朋友會說「啊反正你寫英文的我又看不懂啊」。(以後就請大家去網誌右上角按一下就可嚕。)

And another reason I chose to try adding a translator feature to the blog is that some very curious-minded foreign friends want to understand certain parts I compose in Chinese.  Yet another is that a couple of friends dear to me happen not to comprehend that much English, i.e. basically a couple of friends from Moldova and Syria.

WordPress isn’t great in terms of modules or layout choices for bloggers writing exclusively on the web pages surface (rather than constructing their blogs with their own hard discs, but I found in the forum this discussion, in which a generous timethief provides codes, whose result appears like below:

Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice: Read the rest of this entry

Why do I use a Western name?

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“Why do you use a Western name?” I’ve heard this question so many times — I encountered it before, but ever since I started to work on this trip, I think I’ve been questioned (in various ways) a zillion times.  And the question tends to either denote or precede the following questions:

  • Why don’t you use your “real” name? Are you a fake? Are you trying to hide something? (It doesn’t seem fair that I tell you my full name and yet you tell me only a Western name that isn’t on any of your official document, does it?)
  • Aren’t you supposed to be true to your culture? Why adopt a name that has no real links to your (Taiwanese) identity?
  • Should one get to choose a name for him/herself? Why not use the name given by your parents?

Not that I mind these questions, since Read the rest of this entry

!How to read this blog! 本網誌使用說明

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1. 幾個英文的說明:如右圖。

2. 訂閱這個blog-別錯過任何更新!請參照圖,
Please refer to illustrations below to see how to subscribe.
Make sure you go to your email to activate the confirmation letter — from now on you won’t miss ANY updates!

3. 我現在走到哪了?最新行程規劃是如何
請點選 “Itineraries!” 頁面,點開其中的Excel檔!
For my latest itinerary update, Read the rest of this entry

給親愛的朋友 (兼述 “我規劃了多久”)

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很抱歉我沒早點說。很明顯我是那種自己一個人想很多的麻煩鬼,所以我從開始到現在只有讓少數三、四位朋友知道。一方面是 我想最後再宣佈,(從蛋糕裡跳出來大叫「生日快樂!」式驚喜嗎?)另外應該很重要的一部分是、我想我自己太容易考慮太多、也很容易受人影響,(然後一個人 拆成好幾個自己相互幹架/質詢,)所以我一直一直沒講。當然,我也很怕要是嚷嚷要環球旅行、結果又放棄了,那可絕對不行,畢竟我這種傻傻要面子的人絕對不要做這種事:可以做到十分的事寧願先謙稱八分但背後努力十二分、目標沒達成也不要隨便放消息。(理想狀況是坐上飛機到了第一站過了海關在提款機領了第一次款才公告啦,不過那好像太過份了…)

(今天和同事吃飯:要不是因為某位襄理、其實原本沒想要搞到那麼大的;說實話我真的真的畢竟只是想在抱著一碗可人的餛飩麵之類的食物時不太經意一次說完「對了親愛的大家,謝謝大家對我這麼好,我要去旅行十個月和大家說一聲。沒事。」某個方面的我真的很怕打擾別人。另外,畢竟這二年碰到旅行時我的掃把星甩尾力道都特強,可以的話還是避免早說什麼、免得壞了運頭… 不過今天情勢已由不得我了。天啊我真是缺乏彈性的控制狂。)

何時開始發想的呢,大概是2010年吧。不過 Read the rest of this entry

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