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Gustatory Infatuation — Hungarian Style

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Oh, isn’t it just odd, how I recollect and adore and am infatuated with memories of various places.  But it’s only too natural and imaginable.

A significant part of my memory of lovely Hungary — lovely because of all the wonderful, courteous, warming friends I met — is Tokaji (Tokaj in Hungarian).  Actually, Read the rest of this entry



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2012年這場長期旅行出發之前,我就在想,回來之後是什麼樣子。所謂什麼樣子,只是一個視覺意象。(實務上 來說我清楚( Read the rest of this entry

Bye-Bye, 鞋子~

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舊鞋多半會跟著我跟太久。內裡早就被踏薄了,不過終於, Read the rest of this entry


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 岔開一下。要談變化,我想這只是極快速證明我是多麼個永不合時宜、 Read the rest of this entry


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(The other day, when Vivaldi’s “Spring” recomposed by Max Richter was played, green sprouts ever more vividly right in front of the eyes, as if manipulated by some delicately powerful sorcery, and water so long absent that it seems fresh ran as if conjured by quiet magic — the most majestic kind, as usually is — ran on the face.  Somehow such nibble-foot music chirping burgeoning life beckons for me a sense of bereavement.)

再是新的一年,我想呈上的是春,一種嫩綠得要透亮的青綠,勃勃生氣如同無畏幼兒奔跑向無限的春, Read the rest of this entry


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這篇本來猶豫是否該寫,畢竟這個網誌主軸是本次grand tour,不過想來亦無不可,畢竟我擅長的少少幾件事中,帶著暱愛或愁悵往後看一直是其中之一。想來這是在當今世界生存的一大缺陷吧。


  • 鳳飛飛 Fong Fei-Fei
    (This vintage footage effortlessly shows how the beloved “Hat Diva” wins all hearts.)

耶誕快樂. Wesołych Świąt. Kellemes Karácsonyt

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Personally I don’t celebrate Christmas.  In Taiwan (at least in the big cities) “celebration” is everywhere — that is, with bursting commercialism, often with little taste.  I reckon it’s an occasion for Christians to celebrate a religiously unique day and to enjoy family reunion, hence not something for me.

But then I do have family members to whom Christmas has real, affectionate meanings.  Which is why Read the rest of this entry

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