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109: to Sofia; re-gearing. 2012/8/18

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到Sofia的公車號稱有wi-fi,不過並沒有。本來是想在車上看影集的。這倒沒差,因為車上人不多、我不必和別人坐一起,沒多久就靠著背包睡著。這幾天都覺得睡不夠。公車在12.15就到站,比預定時間早15分鐘,於是我去找往Skopje的車。要後天或照預定的大後天去馬其頓Skopje?早走可能比較好, Read the rest of this entry


Need to shop for a new camera.

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今天去Varna一家店看, Read the rest of this entry

Countdown: 36 hours. (And a new memory card)

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I purchased a new memory card when it was roughly thirty-six hours away from the scheduled departure time of my flight leaving Taipei.

I probably don’t need a memory card, but there’s always something in me a tiny bit unsure about one thing or another, so let’s call this over-compensation.  I just want things to be done rightSandisk still have class 6 for 32G memory cards, but the price is almost the same as the TWD1099 for class 10.

During the past three weeks I have largely rid myself of any nervousness or neuroticism.  Instead I have calm attitudes and concise, big gestures.  But as the departure looms increasingly nearer, more and more sad faces and/or those that try to be a smiley one while actually silently saying “oh gosh I’m gonna miss yousooooo much:((( ” started to appear with increasingly shorter interval, and all such faces affect me.  Gosh how I wish I didn’t have to be the one that play clown to cheer everyone else up.  (Why can’t I have my own clown?) Gosh, as if all these aren’t difficult enough to myself!

Tomorrow (actually today, since it’s way past midnight) I’ll move the rest of the boxes (amounting to roughly a dozen), and that’s final.  But even before the first round of moving, the room already couldn’t wait to echo every tiniest bit of sound — my coughing, the phone’s ringing, the clipping sound of whatsoever.  The echo maliciously amplifies every noise and paints it with a glaring, metallic edge.

And the quiet I still wonder if I have forgotten anything.  After all, this time there’s nothing to fall back upon, and I don’t just mean it in the sense that I no longer have a fixed address in Taiwan.

自助餐與採購 buffet and more shopping

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Read the rest of this entry

Taipei: vue limitée n°3- best friend, old house anew, gear

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This is a new hit place in Taipei — an architect transformed an old wooden building constructed back in Japanese colonization period: the first floor is a café, the second the office for his practice.

A skylight is added. Read the rest of this entry

行李清單 Luggage Checklist [更新中]

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(還好可以偷看一下當初去Peru和Jordan/Syria(其實應該是Egypt,but whatever Read the rest of this entry

眼鏡仙出國必備 Glasses: two pairs or three?

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在翻發票時翻到配眼鏡的,所以順帶記一筆:2012/1/9去配了二配新的,TWD 5500。

當時拿去眼鏡行修,是修到可戴,可是 Read the rest of this entry

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