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Iraqi Kurdistan 伊拉克庫德族自治區

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Well, I miss my Kurdish Syrian friend Sipan, that’s for sure. I’m only too happy to know that both he and his new wife are safe, having arrived in Iraq — wait, I mean Iraqi Kurdistan.

A digression: I tried to tell as few people as possible about my trip coming up in January 2014, as I’ve JINXED Read the rest of this entry


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  • Toledo*2
  • Ciudad Real
  • Almagro
  • Jaen
  • Granada*3
  • Malaga+ Ronda =2
  • Cordoba+ Seville = 4
  • Jerez
  • Cadiz* 2?
  • Merida
  • Salamanca* 2
  • Madrid + Segovia?
  • Madrid飛Quito, Ecuador.


109: to Sofia; re-gearing. 2012/8/18

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到Sofia的公車號稱有wi-fi,不過並沒有。本來是想在車上看影集的。這倒沒差,因為車上人不多、我不必和別人坐一起,沒多久就靠著背包睡著。這幾天都覺得睡不夠。公車在12.15就到站,比預定時間早15分鐘,於是我去找往Skopje的車。要後天或照預定的大後天去馬其頓Skopje?早走可能比較好, Read the rest of this entry

Need to shop for a new camera.

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今天去Varna一家店看, Read the rest of this entry

Soon to leave HUN. Partly rainy in Eger. Heading to 100th day.

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Soon to leave Hungary.
Partly rainy night in Eger.
Heading towards the 100th day of the journey — let’s say nominally one-third of the trip.

And even with several glasses of semi-sweet wine I prove to be (finally!) unusually productive.  I just “cleaned up” my Balkan itinerary and tried to squeeze in 9 days for Bulgaria.  I don’t know if this is wise, especially since I really don’t know how transportation is going to work from Pristina (or Peja/Pec), Kosovo to Sofia or anywhere else in Bulgaria.  And I also don’t know about from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria to Skopja (or anywhere in Macedonia).

Many have criticized/critiqued about my keenness to plan.  Well, I’m about to leave Hungary, but I

Jó napot. Köszönöm! 你也可以在匈牙利旅行

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今天是在匈牙利第二天。昨天下火車前我趕著翻書,看要怎麼說謝謝才對:答案是 “Köszönöm”。至於O-Umlaut到底要怎麼發音呢,就到第一家商店時偷聽旁人怎麼念。實際上和德文裡的發音方式應該是相同的;幾個網站上寫得顛三倒四,根本不對。


  • 火車:
  • 公車:


歐元還剩幾百元,不過就留在巴爾幹半島用吧-巴爾幹有些國家可用歐元,有些就用歐元換就好,反正留的時間都不會太長。匈幣領了,錢包裡馬上是數萬元, Read the rest of this entry

Slovakia + Hungary: re-routing

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Below is my updated Slovakia and Hungary schedule.

Things can be added; the final part of Hungary is to be decided.

Saturday 2012/6/23    to Stary Smokovec
Sunday    2012/6/24    Stary Smokovec
Monday    2012/6/25    bus to Levoca
Tuesday    2012/6/26    Levoca – daytrip to Spiš Castle (in Spišský hrad)
Wednesday 2012/6/27 to Slovensky Raj National Park
Thursday 2012/6/28    Slovensky Raj National Park
Friday    2012/6/29    to Bardejov
Saturday 2012/6/30    to  Banská Štiavnica
Sunday    2012/7/1    Banská Štiavnica. Birthday.
Monday    2012/7/2    to Trenčín
Tuesday    2012/7/3    Trenčín + Cičimany
Wednesday 2012/7/4    Trencin, daytrip to Bojnice Castle
Thursday 2012/7/5    Bratislava
Friday    2012/7/6    Bratislava + Devin Castle
Saturday 2012/7/7    to Sopron (Hungary)
Sunday    2012/7/8    Sopron + daytrip to Fertőd
Monday    2012/7/9    to Kőszeg. sleep in Gyor or Koszeg?
Tuesday    2012/7/10       to Veszprém, the ‘city of queens’.
                        daytrip to Tihany?
Wednesday 2012/7/11    Pécs
Thursday 2012/7/12    Pécs
Friday    2012/7/13    Pécs
Saturday 2012/7/14    to Budapest-Deli pu Read the rest of this entry

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