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Loving care after the trauma

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In this blog entry, what I want to do is to gather the nice words I got as a memorabilia after the Merida disaster .  There are such nice people in this world.

Aside from my Couchsurfing host Enrique P. from Merida, whom I came into contact on the telephone while I was stranded at the customs in Merida, I didn’t write my apologies (one by one, that is) to ALL the Couchsurfing hosts I was to meet; I was simply too exhausted mentally. I think I finally gathered that courage to do so while I was in Phnom Pehn.  Among the numerous replies I got, some are especially heart-warming:

  • Enrique P., from Merida:
    Hey!! Nothing to be ashemed 🙂 i really want to know you so badly! It’s a shame that issue with the visas happened… Your words are very cute 🙂
    And i loved had heared your voice by phone … I wanted somehow to protect you.
    Send you lot of kisses and hugs and i look forward to hear from you!
    You have a friend in me and keep that in your heart and your mind😍😘
  • Omar A., from Oaxaca de Juarez:
    I’m sorry that happened to you in my country. Stupid Mexicans. My home is yours anytime . Un abrazo !
  • Rebekah C. (originally from the U.S.), who invited me in Cholula:
    Dearest Damian,
    So very sorry for all the trouble. What a huge disappointment.
    Please keep in touch and hopefully we can meet up in the future.
    You may be able to catch us in Panama in 2015!
    Rebekah and Laro
    [and in an ensuing message]
    Laro lives in Panama. I’m working in Mexico until September 2014 then I’ll return to Panama. We hope to travel and would love to see Taiwan!
    Be well.
  • Fernando Z., from Morelia:
    Oh Damian! I am so sad for you! and angry with the f… visa policies!!!
    I perfectly understand your situation, don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault.
    Hope to see you in 2015, or any time, in any place… one never knows.
    A huge hug,
    [and later]
    I have added you as a friend and I will vouch for you.

    Because friendship knows no bounds.
  • Armando G. from Guadalajara:
    Hello Damian,
    I’m really sorry to hear all that 😦 don’t worry, anytime you want you have a place to stay here in Guadalajara.
    I’m really sorry for the bad impression you’ve got from the security in Mexico, it’s something we obviously don’t see often, most of us are warm and nice, anyway hope you can come in the future 🙂


After I finally was able (in one way and another) to recount what happened in an extensive journal entry, some more beautiful words followed:

  • Rob B., from San Francisco, February 16:
    Oh Damian! How awful! You certainly have had more than your share of holiday travails — as in Egypt a couple of years ago. And I wish I hadn’t gone to Las Vegas that weekend. I would have much preferred to meet and spend time with you!
  • Enrique P. (on CS), from Merida, February 16:
    I feel very sorry about this Damian i really don’t have words to express all the support that i want to give to you… I really wanted to hug you too!! Anyway you have a friend in me and this experience left other travelers to double check all the papers and permits they will need to enter any country i really don’t want to blame nobody but it is not very pleaseant what happened to you my friend… I look forward to meeting you in person and have a blast! You have this extremly humble personality that makes you a prince i could felt it at the second i heard your voice by phone… Regards brodi!!! And let’s schedule a trip !
  • Harbor C., from Taipei, February 17:
  • Rual GE (on CS), from Mexico City, February 17:
    Dear Damian, I just read your full story and I’m really really sorry about the situation you went through. I think you were very smart to come up with plan B, C and D while you were waiting in Merida’s airport, and you are very brave now, to accept that some things aren’t meant to be, no matter how much effort and dedication we put in them. Anyway, Mexico and all new the new friend you have here, including me, will be here, waiting for you whenever you are ready to come back. Next time it will be a great trip for sure. See you soon.
  • Christopher HM, from Mexico City, February 17:
    Dear so sad about that , for long We´ve planned to meet but for sure well meet soon hopefuly and you know I support you and you are a very nice and lovely boy , kiss
  • Catherine Ts., from Taipei, February 17:

Thank you,

thank you,

and thank you.


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