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Iraqi Kurdistan 伊拉克庫德族自治區

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Well, I miss my Kurdish Syrian friend Sipan, that’s for sure. I’m only too happy to know that both he and his new wife are safe, having arrived in Iraq — wait, I mean Iraqi Kurdistan.

A digression: I tried to tell as few people as possible about my trip coming up in January 2014, as I’ve JINXED enough trips: Machu Picchu saw flood shortly before my arrival, and Egypt went into flames (literally) as I landed.  So, let me keep my early 2014Q1 destination secret. But since Iraqi Kurdistan seems as tentative a travel destination can be, I guess it’s ok to pronounce it openly here.

Sipan being the ever hospital warm friend of course has invited me to visit. But how?

Below’s some very rudimentary research I’ve done:

We’ll see…


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