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Gustatory Infatuation — Hungarian Style

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Oh, isn’t it just odd, how I recollect and adore and am infatuated with memories of various places.  But it’s only too natural and imaginable.

A significant part of my memory of lovely Hungary — lovely because of all the wonderful, courteous, warming friends I met — is Tokaji (Tokaj in Hungarian).  Actually, Tokaji (its traditional English translation being Tokay) is a family of several different sub-categories; the Tokaji that haunts my memory is in fact “Tokaji Aszú,” a kind of very sweet wine.  Before my encounter with Hungary (and my amazing friends) I never liked sweet white wine, but Tokaji Aszú changed me completely.  I still remember how I sipped happily this elixir in Eger and thought about my sweeter-than-can-be friend Balázs.

I didn’t search too vehemently, but so far I don’t seem to find Tokaji in Taiwan.  I only found Żubrówka, that intoxicating form of Polish love.  A couple of weeks ago on the way home from a business trip I saw a bottle of my Tokaji in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport — and of merely 3 Puttonyos! But the price was somewhat formidable. Relatively speaking.

So far the only substitute I found (by pure chance!) in Taiwan is a kind of Moscato.  And the sweetness of a wine just keeps reminding me of how sweet those adorable friends of mine are…


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  1. Hey Damian! That Moscato is really far from being a substitute of Tokaji Aszú. I respect your will to find a really real Tokaji!

    • Alas, dear, I know. But unfortunately I’m so freaking far away from your lovely land. And of course Tokaji isn’t an easy thing to ship!

  2. If you drink polish Zubrowka – only drink it with apple juice!


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