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耶誕快樂. Wesołych Świąt. Kellemes Karácsonyt

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Personally I don’t celebrate Christmas.  In Taiwan (at least in the big cities) “celebration” is everywhere — that is, with bursting commercialism, often with little taste.  I reckon it’s an occasion for Christians to celebrate a religiously unique day and to enjoy family reunion, hence not something for me.

But then I do have family members to whom Christmas has real, affectionate meanings.  Which is why I specifically placed international phone calls (with the time difference) to wish them a Merry Christmas, or, in fact, Wesołych Świąt (Polish), and Kellemes Karácsonyt (Hungarian).  Thank you my dears, for having come into my life and caring so much for me.  Without you my visit to Poland and Hungary (including but not limited to the realm of Pécs) would have been so very much less warming, exciting, nor meaningful.  I wonder what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in your lands with your parents and so on?

The video clip enclosed features the elegant Swiss soprano Lisa della Casa (1919-2012), who just left the world on 10th of December this year and a renowned interpreter of Mozart’s and Richard Strauss’s works.  And in this rare footage she sings not only English but, much more to my surprise, the French version of “O Holy Night”!! Enjoy.


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  1. beautiful voice! the only weird thing is the very unatural faces of kids..:-P


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