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158: daytrip to Cadiz. 2012/10/6

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It’s all too tempting not to put Cadiz in my itinerary – after there’s no way each tiny turn of Natalie Dessay’s diamond-bright brilliant rendition of Léo Delibes’ song “Les filles de Cadix”

[Pics= Cadiz: not as magical as in song.]
As is my prone, I choose to do daytrips during the earlier part of my stay in a city which I use as the base.  That’s why I did Ronda yesterday and scheduled Cadiz for today.

I wasn’t sure if Cadiz would thrill me very much; after all, according to LP, Cadiz’s strongest draw is the atmosphere of locals’ gathering, which I don’t think I’ll be able to witness since I’m not staying overnight.  As for its coastline, well, the photos I saw weren’t that promising.

Sevilla buses to Cadiz depart from the same bus station as those to Ronda, and in a short while after I finished breakfast at the hostel, I arrived at the bus station, thinking I still have sufficient time.  Wrong.  There were quite some people at the station, and the Cadiz-bound bus looked pretty bustlingly crowded.  I hurried to the bus and the driver told me I can’t buy the ticket at the bus and can only go to the ticket office.  Duly I went, and I had to line up, and the clerk told me that the bus was already full – I had to take the next one, which would depart at 11am.  That’s very late, but there’s nothing I can do.

I bought the ticket and toyed with the idea of visiting either Sevilla’s Cathedral or Alcazar before the departure of my bus, even though that seemed to be too much of a rush.  Well, Spaniards’ hard-working spirits saved me the trouble: during weekends outside “summer” the Cathedral won’t open until the afternoon, and Alcazar also doesn’t open early.  I had no choice but to relax a bit at Starbucks again.

As the bus was approaching Cadiz, I had an ominous feeling – the city seems to be bigger than I thought.  I started to worry whether I would have enough time to cover it, especially before the earlier of the two or three afternoon buses back to Sevilla.  (I was a bit afraid that if the one leaving sometime after 5pm is full with all the daytrippers taking the earlier Sevilla-Cadiz bus, I would be forced to take the even latter choice.)

Cadiz doesn’t have many sights that interest me, and there are simply not many beautiful little things here and there on buildings or so.

A wedding was held in a small church as I passed by, so I went inside to a look.  The silver ornaments of the teary Madonna is pretty impressive.

I got a bite at a bakery, and then I discovered a bocadillo place that offers some discount sets.  I used the tiny bit of Spanish I had to communicate with the female owner and ordered a set menu.  During the wait I started to wonder, how come two bocaillos with 1.5-litre of soft drink would cost only 5.5 Euros? That seems not to make sense.  The answer was disclosed when I was about to pay: this price is actually not for two bocadillos but some smaller version of them, and yet the owner thought I ordered two bocadillos instead of a set menu! But she didn’t get mad and gestured that it’s ok that I pay only 5.5 Euros for the two bocadillos and that big bottle(!) of coke.  The bocadillos turned out not to be very tasty – I don’t like the bread.  But at least that’s quite some volume for lunch.

One of Cadiz’s main features is its coastline.  But the one memorable thing was probably a couple of intricate sand castles, which were rather amazing.

And even De Falla Theater didn’t excite.  The more notable performances scheduled for the winter season program seemed to be only My Fair Lady and Carmen – this of course doesn’t sound good.

In the end I hurried back to the bus station to catch an earlier bus.

Sutherland (with unexpectedly good diction):

Bogna Sokorska (1927 – 2002, both born and died in Warsaw), dubbed “Warsaw’s Nightingale”:

Sevilla – Cadiz公車來回:21.5
咖啡:2.8+ 2.2
三明治*2+ 飲料 (套餐)= 5.5
總計:50.4 EUR


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