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154: Granada (Albaicin). 2012/10/2

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[Albaicin and more sensuous views in Albaicin = photos.]

Today’s plan is to visit Royal Chapel and Cathedral in Granada first and then take a walk in Albaicin, the “Arabic” district.  Some invalid hovered at Cathedral’s entrance begging for money.  I decided to drop Cathedral just when I was about to enter, since I felt that I really don’t care to see another church, no matter how ornately decorated, especially when a, no photo is allowed, and b, when it is priced so.  And the same went for the Royal Chapel, especially after I took a look at some of the photos in pictorials and pamphlets available at the box office.

One can surely argue that it doesn’t make much sense not to visit these places when I was already there, but another just as valid argument would be that such visits simply wouldn’t satisfy much.  Anyway.

And frankly Royal Chapel is said to be more impressive on the outside, and the exterior is indeed very impressive, which is made all the more atmospheric when someone was playing the guitar rather finely in the alley leading to it.  Some bulky gypsy women came to offer some plants (spice?) – they seem to be everywhere in all cities.  I was told that as soon as one takes their offering for their “blessing,” they will ask money for that blessing.  And later I read in LP that many who couldn’t resist listening to these women’s gibberish would soon find out their wallets invariably go missing.

I walked and walked and eventually reached some somewhere that looks obviously like a student district: students were everywhere sitting on open-air seats of restaurants offering cheap menus or other economic choices.  Someone was practicing big leaps on his/her clarinet.

After this I started to climb up to Albacin along white staircases.  Sun was kind of blazing, and I was kind of cautious, since LP warned that some robberies during siesta time have been reported in this area.  Better safe than sorry.

I soon reached a vista point from high, although the sunlight at this hour came from a direction that would make any photographic efforts fruitless.  Various alleys winding down from this point are certainly atmospheric though.

I actually planned more days for each of the various cities in Andalusia, but soon I found that it isn’t necessary if I don’t find couches.  Besides I wanted to return earlier to Madrid to get ready for Quito.

In fact I got an acceptance on CouchSurfing, but it came rather late, and I couldn’t reach this guy (via his cell phone) in Granada, so I cut further days.  However, later this day (even though I should have probably stayed in just to chill) I got into contact with a young Cristobal — just like the name of Colombus–, who walked with me for a bit and settled somewhere to enjoy tapas together.

咖啡+ 糕點小套餐:1.65
總計: 50.71 EUR


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