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Vanity. And nolstalgia.

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[Iron Man: bottom line, second left.  Photo source: here.]

Madrid is grey today, unlike yesterday, when the sky turned dreamily blue as the weather cleared up after a bit of rain.

The mission this morning was to get the LP book of Spain, but I couldn’t help but walk into a Celio shop.  Latest arrival obviously include a series of T-shirts featuring various Marvel heroes.

I tried one on: the grey one with Iron Man on it, him proud with shining armor in red.  Very finely made.

Yeah, the t-shirt can accentuate what should be accentuated, and it’s totally impractical for a long journey.  It’s great for a lounge bar gathering, for a weekend get-away, or for a month-long backpacking adventure.  But for a multiple-month journey that may likely involve South America? Nope.  Not smart.  Not to mention that it costs 20 Euros.

And yet I’d love to have this.  In fact, I want more than this: I also want to go back to Taipei and get back in shape.  I want to be able to wear something casually (or flamboyantly) stylish and sip something, emitting charm even, if that’s possible.

Vanity is a beast that insists on making its mark at a least appropriate moment.  Yeah.

And travel is about sacrifice.


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