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139: daytrip to Trogir. 2012/9/17

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Video: Dalmatian singing:

[Charming Trogir and more = photos.]

Exactly what should I do if I stay for one more day in Split? My host Ivan recommended to take a boat at 9.40am to Trogir, and that’s what I did.  Before that I had another walk in

The weather was fine, and again I saw more Taiwanese tourists, who invariably come with a tour group.   Again I couldn’t resist asking one of them to take a photo of me, and that was a very good one.  This lady said she’s jealous that I could do such a long trip, although she also brought up the issue of travel fatigue.  Just as Tz reminded me the other day when I was perhaps in Bar: I’m very lucky to see beautiful things almost every day! Indeed, I am.  Thanks for reminding me, Tz.

Tiny Trogir is charming and doesn’t disappoint.  By the way, it’s also an UENESCO-acknowledged world heritage site, although I didn’t know that until I arrived.  Many restaurants here have fine-value lunch sets, which is pretty good news.

After finishing sightseeing and lunch (a seafood set menu, in which the fish surprisingly disappointed a bit.  I should have remembered the fact that Ivan said one can have a replacement or money back as long as s/he is not satisfied with his meal in a Croatian restaurant, haha), I went to the bus station for a bus returning to Split.  Earlier one of the guys at a tour stands kindly informed me that there’re various buses to Split, and the direct one (which doesn’t stop midway) is faster and cheaper.  At the bus station a taxi driver was kind enough to offer help, and he also offered to drive me back to Split for 20 Euros, but I thanked him and soon found the big direct bus.

Back in my room I enjoyed a nice phone call and waited for Ivan, who didn’t appear until 4, although we set the appointment at 3~3.30pm.  Together came a short (middle-age?) Ukrainian, who, mildly to my surprise, would also share my bed tonight.  We then went for the ride.

I think it wasn’t very easy to talk to the Ukrainian, while (luckily) on the other hand it was a really nice thing to talk to Ivan, since he could tell me his perspectives about previous blood feuds among these several Balkan countries, and how Croatia had its credit bubble, hence the difficulties in job market as well.  (We brought on latter topic when Ivan asked whether I finished my studies and how I got to travel for a long period, and for how long I would travel, and so on, although I opened my couch request with the sentence that I “quit my job to do this RTW trip.”)

After the uninteresting (to me) Solin (Salona) archaeological site, we went to a fortress (probably called “Općine Klis,” according to the entrance ticket).  Neither the fortress itself nor the view impressed – after all I’ve seen the real goodies in Hvar and other places, not to mention a major one awaits in Dubrovnik!), I still went inside to check it out.  After all we were already there.

We arrived home at around 7.30pm, and Ivan said that a group of Polish CSers will arrive later, and he’d come in one hour for dinner and drinks.  They didn’t appear until 9pm, and while I really would love to enjoy some more time together, not the least with a group of Poles, I decided that I needed to rest so I could get up early for the bus tomorrow.  Ivan gave me an accommodating smile and said no problem.  They all returned at sometime past 11, and it was a very attractive group of Polish people (both in terms of their smiles and features).

The days before I used my sleeping bag, but tonight I decided I would pack the sleeping bag instead of doing it tomorrow morning, so I had only very thing sheets to use.  At the middle of the night I had to get up to put on a jacket.

9/17記帳:1HRK = 0.135EUR, 1EUR = 7.415HRK, 1HRK = 5.195TWD
Split – Trogir船/公車:24+ 18= 42
咖啡/ 水飲料:6+ 10.2
Općine Klis城堡:20
總計:216.2 HRK


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