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133: daytrip to Sveti Stefan+ Petrovac. 2012/9/11

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[Sveti Stefan and more = photos.]

Although I shortened my stay in Budva from three days to two, I still need to do something for tomorrow.  And although Sveti Stefan is included in the “Big Montenegro Tour” offered by a certain hostel in Kotor, I thought I might as well go visit it by myself – this way I can have more than the half an hour scheduled in that tour and take my time taking photos.

The light wasn’t good, but I still enjoyed my walk and asked some people to help me take my photos.  The island part of Sveti Stefan is entirely privatized as some hotel – amazing that they did that.  And the several private beaches require high fees – one charges 50 Euros, another 75.

When I was about to return, a hotel staff member walking on the beach saw me and asked “Kina?” (China) I said no.  And then he continued, just like billions of people have done: “Japan? Korea?” And no matter what I said, he just kept repeating “Kina? Kina? Kina?”

LP described Sveti Stefan to provide the biggest “wow” moment on the entire coastline.  I do think it’s an overstatement.

So what now? I decided to continue to Petrovac, although I suspect there is really not much to see.

Surprisingly the bus driver said he didn’t have changes – what I presented was a five-Euro bill!

At the so-called tourist information at the bus station was a distinctly unfriendly young woman more keen on her own mobile phone.  I guess she thinks her job consists of no more than pointing to the printed bus schedules pasted on the window.

A happy face did great me at the station – “Do you remember me?” this face asked.  I thought for one-third of a second, and realized that it’s the Russian woman from the rafting tour.  She told me Petrovac is a good place for swimming.  Unfortunately, swimming isn’t in my plan, not to mention that as I walked down the slope the grey clouds were gaining momentum.  It didn’t take me long to decide that I’m “done.”

I found out that a bit further away from the restaurant recommended by the hostel are quite some others, and some likely offer more attractive prices.  In any case, I enjoyed my lunch, which includes a glass of house red wine, something I shouldn’t have – that glass made me happy enough, but two sips were enough to make my cold stay a bit longer.

Back to the hostel I was really tired, thanks to the cold.  I told myself earlier that today is about laying low and taking it easy, and that was what I did – I sat on the veranda, picked some grapes to taste: very sweet.  I then had a lovely phone call with Bee, whom I miss pretty much.  We joked and laughed as if we were neighbors having fun over some cocktails side by side.

Later as I rested in the room, a girl that stayed in the same room rushed in to tell me that she needs to set the air conditioner to be as low as 24 degrees Celsius – she insisted that last night the heat made her unable to sleep.  When I was barely mentioning that I was having a cold, she curtly said that she was sure the hostel runner could give me “lots of blankets.”

This is actually a very pretty girl with a pretty lousy provincial English accent, and her attitude was worse than that.  Yesterday while I was checking the electronic wire extension and tried to find out which plug I could unplug and replace with the plug of my lamp, she (whose existence I was at first unaware of) suddenly snapped that I “shouldn’t just unplug something selfishly without thinking of others.”

She quickly left after her pronouncement of the air-con and blanket, and after a couple of seconds I decided to go after her.  She was sitting with lots of people staying in the hostel, together with the hostel runner Nikola, who was wearing a funny little hat.  Nikola invited me to have a beer, and I told him that I couldn’t, since I was having a cold.  That girl stared at me with her hostility before I could say anything, and since she didn’t respond my gentle request of discussing aside, I told her in front of everyone that I really have problems with the air-con, and there IS a fan function in that air con machine.  In the end her answer was a “Whatever.”

Budva – S.Stefan – Petrovac — Budva公車:1.5+ 2+ 2= 5.5
總計:25.68 EUR


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