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131: Durmitor hiking. 2012/9/9

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[Durmitor hiking photos = here.]

Since the accommodation is cheap (10 Euros with wifi and a huge room for myself!), I decided to prolong my stay and schedule today for hiking.  However, Marijana was already gone when I came out of my room, which was way before her departure time, and Mišo was no-where to be found.  And neither Mišo’s old mother nor his wife were up for much help.  Luckily the lovely Polish couple were still there packing their tent, so I went to check with them.  Turns out that one of the two longer routes has the same first part as the one I took today, and the other is going to take 8 to 10 hours, which is too long anyway.

So I took the former choice.  This time, however, I was surprised to find out that during the first part there were so many fallen trees, which wasn’t the case the day before.  They were everywhere, and even without them the trail was badly marked anyway.  I had to be very careful not to lose my way.  At one point (well, more than one) I did lose it, and I resorted to deciphering the directions by checking the position of the sun.

Once I past “Snake Lake” I lost my way again, and I came to the side of the lake and found a local man accompanying two Californian girls.  The man was probably a local guide, and he asked where I am from.  When I told him I come from Taiwan, he told me that he visited Kaohsiung Harbor and saw lots of bikes.  “Bikes? Or motorbikes?” I asked.  He said it’s bikes, although I don’t know whether he knows the distinction between the two.  “Anyway, it was 25 years ago, and you weren’t born yet.

Ok, let me not argue with this man.

I tried to go back a bit to a fork and eventually found my way – it was a pattern that unfortunately had to repeat several times, since it wasn’t easy to find those red circles with white dots.  When I did come to a part that started a steep ascent, I was all the more careful.  There were several times I lost my way, and eventually I gave up, since I really didn’t want to get lost somewhere – sure, Mišo said I could call him, but I doubt how that would help.

When I reached town center, it was roughly four hours later.  I found a bakery tucked away behind the two supermarkets, and the bread is better here.  eventually I went for lunch in a restaurant “Durmitor,” and it was kind of pricey.

Very uneventful day, yeah.  And tomorrow I have to get up early.  On my way to the autocamp someone honked behind me, and it was Mišo – he gave me a ride.  I also told him that I would have to leave early and would like to meet up with him in front of his place at 6.30.

總計:22.35 EUR


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