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116: Pelister National Park+ Bitola. 2012/8/25

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[Pics = Pelister NP near Bitola]

Today I met Crazy. Capital C.

Viktor went out jogging at 5 or 6am and didn’t return until sometime past 10.  He then asked me about my plans.  I tried to find out from him exactly what kind of hiking trails in Pelister National Park and durations I can expect, but he kept blabbering about “Well that isn’t easy, but not not easy,” and “There’re this this place and that that that place.” And while it may be nice to have company, he also couldn’t keep his story straight – at one point he needs to study, and at another he can probably go.

As easy-going as I am, I told him I can take a cab (as he said that’s the only way) and do the hiking by myself, but at the last minute he insisted he could go with me.  And he packed a bag full of books and another of food.

When we did start to hike, he moved VERY slowly, saying that he’s no longer young at the age of 42, and blah, blah, blah.  We finally (or should I say after not very much time) arrived in an accommodation-slash-café place in the midway, and he started preparing lunch.

After lunch, he insisted on having a nap.  Fine.

And when we did resume hiking, he was moving in slow motion.  After some point he suddenly picked up the pace, and then after some time it was a lot of “if’s” and “you don’t have to walk on that path,” especially since he suddenly decided that after all he really NEEDED TO STUDY.

I really couldn’t help telling him that all the changing of minds is very confusing, and he got upset and accused me of DRAMATIZING things.  And then he picked up the pace so much that I could barely keep up.

Back to the café place he became mellow again and tried to explain, although all this only showed all the more how logic-free this creature is.  And when we walked the way down, he became paranoid and questioned how come I “tried to run away from him” and at one point said that NOW he liked the nature and didn’t have to return home right away.

We returned home, I did my laundry, and this freak started to say I was running away from him and said why I have to be “so strict, LIKE JAPANESE.”

Luckily I scrubbed my sneakers and heavily sweat-stained backpack yesterday, and both were dry by this morning.  All I hoped at this moment was that the laundry would dry up very soon as well.

I decided to stick to the plan of going to city center.  Viktor followed.  At first we were a bit stiff, but he made the efforts to explain things to me, which was nice.  When we sat down at a café, he asked whether I was disappointed at meeting him.  What could I say?

At least I got to see the Turkish design of old town and the “European” part.  Interesting mixture.  Not so interesting was the moment when some gypsy kid came asking for money, and later when I asked Viktor whether there’re quite some Romas in this area, he answered that maybe it’s because I find them sexy that I noticed them.

On the way back he was really agreeable, and went further to recommend that I stayed for however long I want.  After, the influence of my cold was getting a bit more distinct, and my allergy wasn’t entirely gone.  And I thought this might be a fine idea.  After all Bitola has a very nice pedestrian zone.

We had a fine dinner, and this time he brought out some red wine.  Since I decided I could stay for another night, I didn’t check up accommodation in Ohrid.  And then while we talked further, he kept using a word “heavy.”  After a while I finally understood that he meant “difficult” and pointed that out.  I pointed out in a more “Yurika!” kind of way, and yet MUCH TO MY SURPRISE his anger – out of nowhere – immediately flared up.

He accused me of being negative, of looking down on him, and of thinking myself as perfect.  “You’re just like an American woman I met [at work] these days; she kept interrupting me and correcting my English.  She doesn’t need to do that, and that just shows how arrogant she is.” And he said I am the same.

He refused to listen.  Earlier when he voluntarily offered to buy me the cold medicine he mentioned he was concerned that I would think of him as “strange” and hence got a bad impression of his country.  Now he doesn’t care at all.

And he told me to leave tomorrow.

Although I wasn’t exactly happy about the cold-related syndromes having their effects on me, i didn’t doubt the fact that I would be better off leaving.

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