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084: Eger. 2012/7/24

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[Photo album of the day: Eger Castle and more.]

I started the day with yoghurt, oatmeal, fruits, and a phone call.  Mom asked me how come I got up “so late” at 7.30am.  Well, most things open at 10.

In my original schedule I planned a second Eger day for a daytrip to Recsk.  But after the experience in Auschwitz, Poland, I am pretty sure I don’t want to see again another concentration camp.  The tourist info lady showed me yesterday a big, lovely pamphlet or regional destinations, and in that it said very little about Recsk and oddly nothing about that concentration camp.  Anyway.  There’s a certain cave castle somewhere, but we’ll see if I have enough time.

I started the day with Eger Castle.  LP mentioned that it has “an excellent Castle Museum,” but that museum is at best “fine,” in my opinion.  All other exhibitions are not exactly worth it, and the tour to “Hero’s Halls” and “Underground Passages” is strictly in Hungarian.  I guess there’s a tour every 25 minutes or so, and I didn’t join one until the guide was almost finishing her monotonously voiced account – which was perfectly fine, since I can’t understand anything anyway, and I was more than happy to stay until everyone was out so I could take photos of the emptied place.

As for the underground passages, I soon left the crowd and went to check everything by myself, even going to some really low and very cool places, although I was careful to return on the same route lest I get lost.  There are usually explanation signs, and if there’s more than one language, it’s either Hungarian/German/English or Hungarian/German/Serbian(? or simply some Cyrillic language that I don’t understand), which means English isn’t always available.  Anyway, I was lucky to have found the exit, which wasn’t locked, and was able to finish the “tour” in my own pace.

The views are pretty nice and worthwhile, though.

After that was nothing much else.  The crêperie (where they don’t understand the word “crêpe,” by the way) named as “Top Choice” by LP looks ok; prices of mains range from 1750 to more than 2200HUF, and I wasn’t sure whether it’s a good idea when they use crepe as if it were simply rice or potato.

I walked a bit more in the lovely town and eventually went to the café recommended by the nice tourist info lady.  I had nice ice cream from them yesterday, and today, after some patient lady tried to come up with some English to explain to me, I ordered a menu set.  Which was merely adequate.  But the unlocked wi-fi is good, btw.

Upon checking the email I found a mail from Auntie titled “S.O.S.” – she asked me to write an eulogy/report to Uncle James, who just passed away, for Tzi-chi’s caring program.  When James passed away, Auntie sent an obituary to all his friends and family, and every time someone replies all to the message saying something nice about him, I would see the same title pop out again, and each time I was made to feel rather bad.  But now she requested this, and I decided to sit for twenty minutes to compose three to four paragraphs.

Yesterday I called Mom for probably 100 minutes, then her brother for 25 minutes, and then this Auntie for almost an hour.  She talked about the incredible difficulties to obtain the right documents and how everyone in the French government and EVEN BANKS has gone on a holiday and told her to “come back in September.” And after the talk I remembered what she said about Ting-Ting became insecure, and how I think Auntie needs a closure.

After some more walk and supermarket shopping (this time I bought Garlic soup bag for the rice I have at my place), I headed home at sometime past 4pm.  And I had a fine phone call.  And a drink made me felt almost (almost) loved.

I started to think that “resting” too much in one place only agitates me and unnerves me; it’s best I try to tighten things up a bit, at least before I leave Europe for Colombia.  Besides, I flew away from Taiwan to do freaking sightseeing, not to make phone calls or be lazy at home starting from 5pm, 4 or 3! Right?  So I demonstrated some resolution (even with the booze, surprisingly) I haven’t for quite some time, sorted out a possible, tentative revised itinerary that includes some Bulgaria destinations, them totaling up to 9 or 10 days, sent out my question to various people and CS forums, and sent even an email to the AA clerk about the possibility to postpone my flight to Colombia.

And even at 11pm I didn’t feel like sleeping and stayed up watching useless crap until shortly past midnight.

總計: 9190HUF,約1194TWD <= 持續吃太好


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