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Half a BP week to go.

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I left Pecs for Budapest on Saturday, and now is already Tuesday night.

Ever since I arrived in BP the sky is largely grey, and my mood seems to somewhat reflect on that.  In addition I was largely rather fatigued.  And yet many things remain unsolved:

  • I haven’t had a very solid plan for my Balkan journey, which is coming up very soon.
  • I haven’t nailed the rest of my Hungarian accommodation;
  • I have no plans for Colombia and even less for Ecuador.

It’s rather childish to whine, and yet I was lucky enough to meet nice people, such as a patient new friend Attila, and upon reading my quiet frustration this morning (via Google Translation — god bless Balazs), Balazs from Pecs immediately CALLED me on the phone to ask how I was doing and even promised to “call again before I leave the country.” Oh, and I’m “always welcome to return to Pecs to rest for several days.”

Very lucky me.  Let’s pray that tomorrow I’ll have enough stamina to make some progress in terms of sorting things out.


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