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061: Svaty Anton. 2012/7/1

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[Birthday photos = here]

I woke up at around 8.30, but since I didn’t hear a sound from the hosts’ wing, I stayed put and did my things.

After a fine breakfast – Margaret made Spanish(?) pancakes with lots of vegis, just to my liking, which I enjoyed with a Fong, Fei-Fei (鳳飛飛) concert shared on Youtube, M. asked Bartek to take me biking.

I like biking, but I soon found I had real difficulties controlling the bike.  The first time I hit the break I almost fell – every bumpy and damp bit of the trail was a testing moment, and eventually I realized there is not enough air in the tires.  Bartek checked and, as a mountain-biking enthusiast, decided it was perfectly ok, but let’s say it is totally contrary to what I have learnt and gotten used to.  Well, he’s really experienced in mountain biking, so he must be right, but after many a scary moment I eventually managed to FLY AWAY FROM THE BIKE – luckily I landed on damp, soft soil with my hands and didn’t really get hurt.  Bartek told me we could return if I wanted to, but I really wanted to be a good sport (come on, the trail itself is totally not a challenge at all; the only problem is that I can’t control this bike), so I said I’ll just be careful and continue onward.

The downward slope turned out to be an even bigger challenge.  The very bumpy road and the tires presented an impossible combination for me, and for quite some parts I decided to WALK the bike instead of riding it.  But at least there was no more circus gig and I returned safely.

For lunch my host invited a Dutch couple, who live near the border to Hungary.  One of them happened to have a very distinct Dutch accent and reminded me of my days in the Netherlands. It was a very long lunch, and the spiciness of the Hungarian chilly turned out to be just right.  I tried to show some singing of the magnificent Jody Jiang (江蕙), but it was probably too generic to my companions’ tastes and didn’t draw any attention.  Well, just as well.  Aside from my trips and quite some “pussy” jokes my new friends seem to have shared for some time, the talks mainly focus on how Margaret enjoyed her trip in Croatia and how lazy the Slovak roofers have been – they are supposed to finish at least half of the work by the end of M&B’s Croatia holidays but somehow managed to finish barely a quarter; they tend to show up at work at 9.30, usually in fewer than three people, and complain at noon that it’s too hot to work.

The evening was very uneventful – after copying quite some movies and music from M&B’s collection I enjoyed a quiet night in my chamber.



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