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Slovakia + Hungary: re-routing

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Below is my updated Slovakia and Hungary schedule.

Things can be added; the final part of Hungary is to be decided.

Saturday 2012/6/23    to Stary Smokovec
Sunday    2012/6/24    Stary Smokovec
Monday    2012/6/25    bus to Levoca
Tuesday    2012/6/26    Levoca – daytrip to Spiš Castle (in Spišský hrad)
Wednesday 2012/6/27 to Slovensky Raj National Park
Thursday 2012/6/28    Slovensky Raj National Park
Friday    2012/6/29    to Bardejov
Saturday 2012/6/30    to  Banská Štiavnica
Sunday    2012/7/1    Banská Štiavnica. Birthday.
Monday    2012/7/2    to Trenčín
Tuesday    2012/7/3    Trenčín + Cičimany
Wednesday 2012/7/4    Trencin, daytrip to Bojnice Castle
Thursday 2012/7/5    Bratislava
Friday    2012/7/6    Bratislava + Devin Castle
Saturday 2012/7/7    to Sopron (Hungary)
Sunday    2012/7/8    Sopron + daytrip to Fertőd
Monday    2012/7/9    to Kőszeg. sleep in Gyor or Koszeg?
Tuesday    2012/7/10       to Veszprém, the ‘city of queens’.
                        daytrip to Tihany?
Wednesday 2012/7/11    Pécs
Thursday 2012/7/12    Pécs
Friday    2012/7/13    Pécs
Saturday 2012/7/14    to Budapest-Deli pu
Sunday    2012/7/15    Budapest
Monday    2012/7/16    Budapest
Tuesday    2012/7/17    Budapest
Wednesday 2012/7/18    Budapest; Esztergom?
Thursday 2012/7/19    Budapest + daytrip to Szentendre and Visegrad
Friday    2012/7/20    Budapest + daytrip to Hollóko (Hollókő)
Saturday 2012/7/21    to Vác: spent with Istvan!”
Sunday    2012/7/22    back to BP: with Istvan!”
Monday    2012/7/23    to Eger
Tuesday    2012/7/24    Eger (+ daytrip to Recsk)
Wednesday 2012/7/25    to Debrecen?
Thursday 2012/7/26    Debrecen? back to BP?


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