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045: Warsaw (Rising Museum; Heaven). 2012/6/15

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[Photo album of Warsaw Rising Museum and more at the end of entry.]

When Robert finally appeared it was almost noon.  He apologized for having wasted half of my day.  Well, on my part, I should have tried to be more productive about my trip by using the time to plan and reserve various things, although frankly it was a bit difficult – I simply couldn’t have a successful connection at L’s place, and I was getting increasingly worried after trying several different methods found online, all to no avail.  I used L’s Acer Pad to call Toshiba’s service center in Taiwan, and at least they said it “seems that there’s nothing wrong with the hardware” according to my description.  I remembered Toshiba has an office right next to Taipei/Taiwan’s “embassy” and went to check with them; they told me I should go to another place if I want to get something checked or fixed, and it “can take three weeks.”

And yet the wireless feature works in cafes.

Anyway, Robert and I went to the famous and much praised Rising Museum.  Honestly, I don’t like it – it’s not just because I feel frustrated and somewhat miserable by the various tiny things in the trip, including but not limited to being so stupid as to have lost my passport and all the stamps as well as the useful US visa in it.  I simply felt a bit cold in the museum, and, down to the more objective, factual points, I find the way of presentation in this museum to focus a bit more on the details than on giving visitors who don’t know this part of history well a clear big picture.  Also, there’re quite some fanciful and yet somewhat distracting and tiring ways of presentation.  Of course this is my own opinion, and I am sure many other people will appreciate this museum very much, but I feel that Riga’s Occupation Museum is much more to my liking and succeeds distinctly better in educating me.  Warsaw Rising Museum has a reading room, and it was quite a relief for me to walk inside and sit right next to the big windows through which sunlight comes through with its warmth.

For the rest of the day with Robert, the main things we did were having a simple meal and checking Traffic Club – it is a big bookstore rather than a club, and eventually I chose two CDs.  The prices and choices are better than the empic branches (“empic” is a well-known bookstore chain, equivalent to Virgin or fnac in France, for instance).  I couldn’t return home too late, since I called the guy from the trolley suitcase company this morning, and while he’s out of town, he arranged to have his colleague (Max?) to call me, and Max said he may be able to bring a replacement to my broken suitcase at around 7 or 8 directly to my place.

As for eating, I asked L for some advice, who knows lots of fine restaurants and eateries, and he recommended a very down-to-earth Vietnamese eatery and a Czech restaurant with good bargains and sizable portion.  However, Robert said we should go for a Vietnamese place he knows, and while it does have things coming in big bowls, this is a chain restaurant with more modern furnishing, and L lately told me that it isn’t as good.

I waited for Max in a coffee shop near my place (so that I cold finally use some internet), and he was polite and talkative.  He brought both size 80-cm and 72-cm, and I decided to risk it for the smaller one – I have seen too many surprised faces gasping at my big bulky suitcase, and I will send away by postal service all the CD purchase as well as the nice little bison stuffed toy the Białystok Max bought for me.

Luckily the smaller suitcase is enough to accommodate all my things.

I had my nocturnal excursion.  Finally some nice moments for myself.

[Photo album = here.]

Warsaw Rising Museum:14
CD(Traffic Club)16.99+ 34.99= 51.98

總計:125.78 PLN


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