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031: Westerplatte+ CEiPR Szymbark Maszuby. 2012/6/1

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[Photo album at the end of the entry.]

I highly appreciate the fact that, aside from all other great things Greg has done for me, he offered to drive me for various daytrips.  Still, I fell asleep on the car despite my good intentions.  For the time during which I was awake, though, I highly appreciate the beautiful trees, especially the many slim trunks among them.

The weather wasn’t good when we reached Westerplatte, and I was happy that Greg was with me – if I had chosen to reach this place by taking some tram from Gdansk, I would have felt this to be even more of a waste of time than it already felt like – sure, it’s nice to have this WWII monument, but I would have regretted to have schlepped all the way just to see this.  Having a friend by my side makes it all different, and I inquired Greg about his Ghanaian friend.

I probably dozed off on the way to CEiPR Szymbark Maszuby – it’s a park of a bunch of houses, although when I asked Greg exactly what the theme is for this park, he said that T has always wondered about that.  Obviously someone decided to put one house here, and then another, and the some others that are simply not interrelated, so eventually we had, among several, a house built by Poles and hauled all the way from Siberia; the famous upside house; and some house that houses the longest table made with one single piece of wood on the Gene’s Records.  Oh, and some houses that document how Kasubians in Poland migrated to Canada, forgot a large part of their roots, and later tried to re-establish the connections with the Kasubians in Poland.  All these are fun, indeed, but one wonders why they’re put together in such an arbitrary manner.

When we just got inside the park, the wind was chilly, and luckily Greg soon showed me some Kasubian dishes – I like the noodle soup, and a kind of cream-like spreading (which turns out to be pork) on breads is nice.  Sausages are also nice.

We were probably half an hour later than we planned to return home, only to get some rest before going to the musical Shrek.  Greg chose to see this show only because his friend is playing the lead (while the twinky P plays one of the trees), and they’re going to take the musical off next season.

The music is awfully cheap.  Everything was in Polish, which was ok, since the plot sticks more or less to the movie.  Fiona got to show off a natural E when vocalizing to compete with a bird, (and when I checked with P, he confirmed that it wasn’t pre-recorded,) while otherwise mostly belting in a not exactly outstanding manner.  The Dragon is the only one with some charisma in her singing, and her scene was probably the only one that had some effect to me.  As for the males, the Donkey has fine moments, and Pinocchio or someone also did.  And considering how bad, shallow and cheap the music is, there is actually not the point to have spent such a paragraph to discuss it at all.

P and his beau (David?), who has a nice British accent, returned home with us, and after having some goulash, I retreated to the study to work a bit.

[Photo album = here.]



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