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027: Elblag+ Fromborg. 2012/5/28

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[Photo album at the end of the entry.]

Since the canal trip starts shortly after 8, we had to get up early at around 5.40am.

I have been having very distinctive sleeping problems, and of course I was more than sleepy, but for the whole time I tried to keep the ball rolling, since I thought it would be not only rude but also less safe if I don’t talk to the kind friend that drives.

When we stopped at the gas station for coffee (which is rather fine, quite unlike the darn thing in Vilnius) and a map (Greg prefers map after map to GPS, saying the former is for smarter guys), the church can be seen with its tip shrouded in mist.

For quite a while it was a bit too cold on the deck.  After standing for quite a while I suggested to retreat to the cabin underneath.  When the sun came out, it soon became a different matter, of course.  Most of the passengers are Germans and Poles.

Greg was the one who booked the ticket (and actually is a master mind that contributes to an essential part of my Poland visit), so I didn’t know that it was the longer canal tour that he opted for – we rode all the way Elbląg to Ostróda, instead of to a closer-by destination Buczyniec, so we experienced six times of the boat-on-the-land wonder instead of two (or three?).  It soon appeared redundant, of course, although not that it is a big problem.

After the boat tour was accomplished, we had to wait for the bus back to Elblag, which took an hour I think.  Obviously I fell asleep for a bit.  Being used up, I couldn’t wait to continue to our second destination Fromborg, but then I realized that we were to meet Greg’s friend X first.  Some fellow passengers on the boat trip appeared, and while Greg advanced to chat with them, I stepped aside to see the church nearby, wanting to avoid unneeded human contact and secretly brooding that it’d better be a hottie that shows up – even though I don’t and won’t show it, I am secretly moody due to the lack of sleep.

X appeared and is attractive – as a former(?) clarinetist aged 40, X is very well-preserved.  However, it didn’t take long to discover that X sulked a lot.  I understand that a recent breaking-up of a multiple-year relationship can be a bitch, but to my taste (or perhaps this is a cultural difference) the cynicism almost overflows, and unfortunately I am someone who can’t help but trying to do things to make suffering people feel better, so I tried – to no avail of course.

I have to give dear, dear Greg his credits due – all the time he tried very hard to steer the conversation in English, even though X, who got a qualification for teaching English as a foreign language, tends to reply in Polish, hence nullifying Greg’s efforts.  Well, what can I say.

Greg then persuaded X to come with us to Fromborg.  Upon arrival we first climbed up the Water Tower, which I didn’t even know exist and was rather surprised when Greg handed me a ticket.  (Gym-keen X complained a tinsy bit about having to climb all the stairs, although I swiftly pointed out it’ll make up for his routine today.)

Oh, I didn’t get to see the whatever is inside either the church or the planetarium of Copernicus fame.  Not that I should care that much about that, I suppose.

We then returned to Elblag for dinner – we first checked a Japanese-Chinese restaurant, but I soon gave the veto after checking the sushi train and the Chinese menu.  (Greg told the slim-waist waitress with a plunging neckline that there’s a specialist among us, who cast the negating vote.)  Eventually we came to a Mexican restaurant – the only thing reasonably spicy is my soup, and that’s a bliss.  Again Greg tried to keep the conversation in English, and I really appreciated it.

It as probably 9pm when we started the one-hour-strong journey home.  I tried to talk in a various way to keep myself stay awake.   Eventually I resorted to singing (first “Music of the Night,” upon seeing Barbara Streisand’s Duets album, then “Think of Me”), and Greg’s seemingly moved verdict was that my voice is “tremendous.”

[Elblag canal trip and Fromborg pictures = here]

Elbląg – Ostróda陸上行舟:98
總計: 100 PLN


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