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025: Gdynia. 2012/5/26

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I felt defeated.

It’s probably no exaggeration that I haven’t gotten proper sleep for at least 20 days.  Almost every day I am waken up by blazing sunlight, which simply prevents me from resuming sleep, and every day I sleep for 5 to 6 hours.  That is really not enough for me.

This morning T took me out for biking in Gdynia, and I appreciate all the endeavors to explain things to me despite a mild language barrier.  It’s nice to see various interesting things in Gdynia, the city understandably atmospheric for summer tourism (although I was told that I am actually lucky, since normally it doesn’t necessarily get this warm at this time of the year), and when I saw a sushi restaurant I was really tempted – oh how much I miss proper seafood!!!!!

But while the route was far from challenging (and T was so considerate, wondering whether the hills presented any challenges), before we got out of the main shopping/dining street I felt I was most ready to fall asleep on the sidewalk.  The fact is, when I woke up this morning, I immediately knew it’s a losing and indeed lost battle – I was sorely aware how much sleep had been lacking, and no amount of coffee could save an hour, let along the day.

Oh, and the bed is way too soft for me – during the first 15 minutes of last night I felt my body was sinking, and I had a series of nightmares; a crowning part was probably that I was on a flight that crashed, although ironically I (obviously a survivor) earned as a result a free ticket back to Taiwan.

As soon as arriving home I went to my room and LIED DOWN ON THE CARPET ON THE FLOOR.  I simply won’t be able to sleep on this bed.

I was supposed to leave within 30 minutes with my host to participate in a trolley tour, but I felt BEATEN and simply couldn’t imagine going out again at all.  I was most sure that I wouldn’t have the required stamina to focus on anything, and that can be dangerous.

I felt very pathetic.  I can’t believe I was so exhausted, and I don’t even want to begin talking about another kind of s…evere frustration.

And the fact is that, since Greg woke me up to check whether I wanted to join them, I could no longer resume sleeping, at least not for a while.  So, I got up, and tried to look for something to cook.  Half unconscious, I searched the fridge, couldn’t find any salad, and eventually opted for some Polish dumplings, which turned out not to be the type that I prefer.  (It did occur to me to go out and find a supermarket, but the mere idea of walking out of the door…)  And I had to figure out how to use the stove and everything, which all seems foreign enough to me.

I couldn’t even know how to use the TV remote properly.  (And Polish TV has a very odd way of dubbing foreign films or programs.)

After some internet phone calls, I slept for three hours or so, finally feeling a little bit better, although I was still tired.  At least when my tired-out hosts returned I was feeling more like a human being again – in fact, Greg was tired to the extent that he was no longer uber-hyper, thank goodness.

Hence it was sort of a surprise when Greg asked whether I wanted to go to a club; after all it’s Saturday night.  He actually called at least five friends to see if anyone could accompany me, and he even offered to take me there only to come back by himself, and when I call he can pick me up! For a moment I really wanted to tell him to drop the whole clubbing idea; after all he shouldn’t go through that much trouble because of me!

Eventually he found a friend’s friend Łukasz, and Greg also found himself refreshed enough to go.  The scene was not very eventful, but Łukasz is a very nice twenty-nine year-old pharmaceutical university assistant.

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  1. I’m finally trying to catch up with your blog posts… Sorry, I’ve been having a lot in my hands (and mind) lately. I hope you’re finally sleeping a little bit better.


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