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018: Vilnius. 2012/5/19

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In the morning I already felt like leaving Vilnius.  For me the city simply doesn’t have that much to offer, and staying in a place where cleaning – especially my cleaning – won’t seem to make much of a point isn’t really what I like.  Sounds easily echo here, since the house always looks as if everyone has almost entirely evacuated.

I made pelmeni (Russian dumplings) for breakfast.  Well, it’s from a bag, so it’ really easy, and I dispense with either sour cream or salt or sauces of any kind.  Gintas complained, saying it will be very bland, but why should I listen to someone who dismisses most things as “ugly,” “boring,” or “eh, I don’t know” and sneer anything as remotely linked to cooking as stirring eggs as “something only old women do”?

I went to the hill behind Vilnius Cathedral and Castle as scheduled, (bumping into a couple of a Caucasian guy and an Asian girl, who speaks with a vague British accent with something that I would nevertheless denote to be have Japanese roots,) and went to the University.  The campus is small, and the bell tower doesn’t amount to much aside from a serviceable modern elevator and good panorama views.

I went to a popular restaurant recommended by some but dismissed (well, I can’t think of a better word, even though this is becoming a monotonous theme, isn’t it) by G.  The menu has a variety, and the dishes are fine.  Well, that’s it for now: I WILL HAVE NO MORE POTATOS FOR THE COMING DAYS!

Before I even entered the restaurant, the street was already getting a lot busier: all kinds of combinations of people appear at every street corner and elsewhere, playing all kinds of music.  There’re quite some young people and even kids, and some performances are… best described as “dismissible.” There are even mobile toilets.  How come the city comes alive like this – so very much alive in this weather distinctly too hot that one wants to murderously DROWN it? Only because it’s a Saturday?

I finally retreated into a café, even though crude techno or whatsoever played from night club kind of stereo is nowhere to be escaped.  More frustrating and definitely futile efforts are spent on finding reasonable (and cheap) accommodation in Slovakia and Hungary. Frnakly to a non-local like me it’s more like a fun-free Mission Impossible.

G was to finish an exam at 4pm, and when he appeared I asked what the occasion is.  (Of course he doesn’t know.  Why would anyone with barely any trace of a desire to show his city or country want to be a host?) And then I suddenly recalled from a chat with a certain Dalius (among uncountable correspondence with a billion people) that this should either be the Street Musicians’ Day or some festival for a certain “home-coming” music.

G asked me what I wanted to do.  Last night I suggested (very politely and more than ready to accommodate or simply get out of my host’s hair so he can do things without me) we visit Europas Parkas on Saturday afternoon after his exam and Trakai on Sunday.  He vaguely implied he wanted the opposite, only because Europas is closer to town and Trakai is closer to his place.  My gosh! His place is like 10 minutes away from the Old Town, and either destination is roughly 12 to 15 kilometers away, so why should those 10 minutes make any difference?

I didn’t want to persist to my points, but I pointed out that Trakai might take more time, and it’d certainly be nicer to enjoy that during the brighter part of the day.  In the end we settled for Europas Parkas for the rest of the afternoon, the museum which  is credited by Genes Records to be the largest open-air museum.  Frankly, I think this is its only merit, if that can be counted as a merit considering how BAD the collection is and how ridiculously priced the museum is.  I mean, seriously?

記帳:*1LTL = 10.96TWD
市公車 2.5
Vilnius University + St John Church belfry = 1+5 = 6
午餐: 19.4
咖啡:5.5+3.5 = 9
Europas Parkas:21!
總計: 88.06Lats <== 請檢討


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  1. I like so much to read your forthright and unbiased texts! It is so interesting and useful to get to know oureselves as ambasadors of our own culture from another angle, through the eyes of a traveler:) It’s a pitty that some of the impressions from our capital city were rather not too pleasant because of a strange representation 😦 I am sure, in other circumstances, you could have seen and explored not only “boring, dismissed and don’t-know” things there 🙂 So, welcome back for Kaunas Jazz, or Pagan fest, or any other ocassion! Good luck for the rest of your trip!

    • Dear Aušra, thanks for your compliments! I also hope one day I may be able to see that Pagan fest. By the way, do you have a profile somewhere? I wonder whether I have seen you or interacted with you online somewhere? 🙂

    • 🙂 You saw me in Kaunas at the late breakfast table, where I stole your time for Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis museum 🙂

    • Oh! silly me! I should have thought of that. Thanks for being so lovely and wonderful and kind to me the whole time! I was so very happy to have spent the wonderful time with you guys.

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