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Daily Archives: 2012/05/19

016: Kaunas to Vilnius. 2012/5/17 [更新]

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本來是要搭8點火車去Vilnius,可是昨晚和沙發主聊天時邊看email,才知道Vilnius的沙發主Gintas今天要來Kaunas辦事,和我約下午2點在Kaunas見。所以今天可以晚點起床。我起來時看女主人還沒起床,先整理東西,再開始煮咖啡煮蛋。過一會女主人醒了,也料理早餐。一起床她說的是:「昨天我夢到你!我夢到我去台灣玩,你和你二個弟弟陪我去好多地方,還有去一個音樂中心…」果然本人被封為「台灣地下觀光大使」不是浪得虛名,雖然(1)我沒有二個弟弟;(2)顯然如果她來得及了解更多台灣的話,她應該會說她夢到吃、吃、吃、吃、吃。聊著聊著,本來是有想去身兼畫家及作曲家的Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis的博物館,後來想想睡了,聊聊也不錯。早餐吃完沒多久,又到了午餐時間。午餐前講到困擾我的疔瘡問題-本來是請女主人先幫我看看怎麼打國際對方付費電話、這樣明天Gintas帶我去看醫生時才不會有問題(多虧我細心,有叫他先預約,否則就甭看了),可是她問了立陶宛三家電信業者,要嘛是沒打對方付費電話的服務、要嘛是只限打國內電話。我今早邊寫信給我的保險員,可是這先生反應… 真的不快。

女主人提議協助我,說可以掛在她名下看診,於是先和Gintas約好、然後我們在2點出頭去診所。女醫師不怎麼會英文,也不是皮膚專科,不過她表示可處理,於是先把我抓到另一診間叫我脫褲子敷藥 Read the rest of this entry

015: to Hill of Crosses via Siaulai; Kaunas. 2012/5/16

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[Photo albums at the end of blog entry.]

I got up early and packed quietly.  Raining.  The bus setting off at 6.55am turns out to be the best choice, since then one needn’t wait long for the bus from Šiauliai to Hill of Crosses (Lithuanian: Kryžių kalnas), nor the ensuing bus from HoC back to Šiauliai Bus Station.  The bus station has storage, and when I was checking out pastries in the supermarket in the adjacent shopping complex, a young clerk peeped at me, perhaps wondering whether I needed help; I then checked something with her, and she was most willing to help and ready to beam.  I also checked the bag shop here and was rather displeased to see that a decent-looking trolley suitcase, albeit having two instead of four wheels, cost merely a bit short of TWD 2,000! Gosh, and that purchase in Riga..

I asked the non-English speaking bus driver whether he could tell me where to get off, but that was hardly necessary – when we approached (and I didn’t even see the site), half of the bus was chanting softly “Kryžių kalnas” to me to remind me. Read the rest of this entry

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