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011: Riga (Open-Air Museum). 2012/5/12

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[Photo album at the end of the article.]

The only things on my schedule today are:

  • Open-air Museum,
  • Menzendorff House,
  • Museum of Decorative Arts,
  • Great Guild and Small Guild,
  • Latvian hot chocolate at “Emihls Gustavs”

I returned to bed to sort out photos while enjoying a beauty mask, since I know the museum won’t open until 10am.  Somehow I spent too much time managing trivial stuff, including putting salad, cheese (hmm, smells great!) and ham in that Italian bread, so I bid goodbye to the two nice Russians after 10 and, after searching for a while, finally located the bus stop – a lady at the tourist info marked a WRONG site on the map but luckily I have some good traveler’s sense and decided that she made it wrong.  Anyway, I got there smoothly, and even though there was a very clear sign, a nice local lady who just got off at the same time, seeing that I’m a foreigner who may very likely have lost or soon lose his way, came to tell me how to get to the museum as well as how to cross the road to take the bus to return to city center.

By the way the weather is nothing like forecasted – the sun isn’t shining full force, but it does make occasional and distinct appearances, and the weather was fine basically.  Shortly after I entered the museum did I bumped into a tour group with a lovely guide (who sometimes had to stumble a bit through her English), and I joined them to hear many of the informative explanations she provided, such as at what time of a year floral crowns are made and for what purpose, and one interesting detail (among several) is that maidens throw the floral crowns at oak trees after a certain ceremony – the number of times they have to throw before fixing that crown on a branch denotes how many more years they have to wait for their own bridal ceremonies.

I followed them more or less through the entire tour – the tourists are of a certain mixture ranging from some Eastern European countries, Germany, and North America; after she finished the tour the guests proceeded to have lunch together.  As the tour took almost two hours, I approached her to ask whether she covered more or less everything.  Luckily the answer is that she covered most of the important things: after all there’re more than 100 houses in this area.

On the returning bus, as I was about to get off, an elderly saw I was checking the map and kindly bent over to point to me in Latvian on the map where I am and where I can get off.  That was so very sweet.

I went to check with the tourist info again, this time about bus routes to the bus terminal station; I decided I don’t need to drag my luggage all the way there on foot.  As for my checklist, Menzendorff House seems a bit shabby on the outside, and I guess it’s small and won’t worth it after I saw the magnificent House of Blackheads.  Museum of Decorative Arts is actually temporarily CLOSED until mid-May.  I then returned to the bakery-café I’ve been drooling about, only kind of shocked to find how crowded it was – some people were standing, and there were no vacant tables.  Reluctant to leave like this, I stood and waited for a while and soon got a table, lucky enough.  The other day I checked with this place whether they had wi-fi, and the waitress with very limited English told me with her po face that they don’t.  Well, smart me: right next door is a Lido restaurant, and they do.  Therefore I settled down and happily started my “holiday” (from a holiday, that is) at 3.20pm – what a bliss, especially when smelling 212 Men VIP on myself (free samples from Galleria shopping center, a perfume I’ve been eyeing for for long).

The pastries don’t just look great – they taste good as well.  No wonder the waitresses could very well dispense with their smiles.

I had the quality self time I want – pastries, checking updates, writing blog entries, making a Skype phone call to a beloved Taiwanese friend.

Then after almost the entirety of a second pie, there was Aldis.  There’re different drunken stories, but to m they all sound and smell the same, and I don’t like that.

Anyway, I embarked on the trip home, this time feeling the distinct chill in the air.  I understandably forgo the allegedly very good hot chocolate.  Maybe I’ll get that in some other parts of Latvia.

Edgar was again there, and the fun talk we had is a high point of this relaxing day.  Aside from packing, I also finished making lots of tiny sandwiches with all the bread, cheese and ham I bought, so that I won’t have to spend time preparing them tomorrow morning.  They’ll be my breakfast and lunch.  After all it’s a three-and-a-half-hour ride to Kuldiga.  (Thanks for Edgar, I double-checked and realized I should be going to Kuldiga and NOT Liepaja!)

[For photos of Open-air Museum and more, check here.]


記帳:1LVL = 1.43EUR, 1EUR < 40 TWD;當1EUR = 38TWD時、1LVL = 54.4TWD
露天博物館1.5 Lats
RIGENSIS “Andreass beķereja, Anno 1870” (bakery-café) 3.1+1.6= 4.7 Lats



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  1. It does sound like a lovely day… I’m disappointed that I missed you on Skype


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