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Riga Images: Penis Sculpture; Deathly Art Nouveau

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Everyone likes a good penis, right? (well, except for lesbians, granted.) Riga people surely do, which is why I was shown the famous penis sculpture in the park.

And here’s its back.

OK, joking aside, something truly intriguing is an Art nouveau building built by Russians shortly after Russians’ fleets tried to attack Japan and were sunken.  The ornaments on the façade feature shrieking people, moaning lions, skulls, and heads with cloths tying around them to prevent them from dropping their jaws — since they are dead.  Quite a sight.

Moaning lion on the left, shrieking person on the right.

Face wrapped in cloth on the left, crying woman on the right, and some animal skulls below


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  1. I don’t get the third picture of the building, I don’t see anything of what you’re describing


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