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008: Riga+ daytrip via Bauska to Rundale Palace. 2012/5/9

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[Photo album at the end of the article.]

I chose to do a daytrip on this day for two reasons: I’d like to have more time for suitcase-hunting, so it’ll be better to return the suitcase AFTER this day; when I return the suitcase, I have to be in Riga instead of elsewhere.  The other reason is about the key, although I was not counting on getting that anymore.


The clerk at Bauska bus station didn’t understand English.  My impressions are that my English is more easily understood in Estonia rather than in Latvia.  Of course, the prevalence of English may differ from region to region, but I have tried out in Riga, so maybe there’s some truth in it.  “Pilsrundāle” is not the final destination of the local bus I took, so I was very lucky that a couple of locals happened to overhear my destination when I bought the ticket from the driver – they gestured that it was Pilsrundāle (Rundāle Castle), so the bus stopped – actually it already passed the stop a bit.


I got off and was so somewhat overwhelmed with the blue sky, white cloud and the green meadow with yellow flowers dotted on it – it’s such a picture.  The weather also couldn’t have been better.


Rundale Castle has some nice things; while it isn’t very big, the collection is enjoyable, and a video that showed how the various things were restored also impressed.


When I just got on the bus back to Riga, a middle-age woman asked me where I am from and where I’m staying; it turned out that she’s a tour guide.  I fell asleep probably for a big part of the bus ride, and when we got off the bus, she asked whether I needed any help.  I told her I was looking for a suitcase, so she kindly showed me the way to a corner of Riga’s famous market place.  (The suitcases aren’t of good quality, and one of the shop owners who doesn’t speak any English praised every single item they sell.)  On the way to finding the suitcases, since she tell me she had been the tour guide for some Taiwanese tourists too, I asked whether Taiwanese ever gave her some trouble.  “No, no,” she confirmed, “Taiwanese are very nice.  Chinese aren’t.  [The two] are different.” I could only smile.


After returning to Riga, it was mainly more of the very frustrating work of suitcase-hunting, although I did happen to come very close to the Opera, so I thought I might as well go to the box office.  The young lady (with lovely darker blond hair) was happy to present me the ticket as soon as she heard my name – I guess not that many crazy Asians would write an email to try to book the ticket when discovering that I couldn’t use their on-line booking system.  The tiny tiny gift shop right adjacent has few things, among them a number of Elīna Garanča recordings and a certain Latvian opera set by the composer Bruno Skulte.  The sole clerk in charge was most kind and probably was not aware how overwhelmingly good-looking he is.  Yes, some models just walk randomly in this city I guess.

[For photos from Rundale Palace and more, check here.]



記帳:*1LVL = 1.43EUR, 1EUR < 40 TWD;當1EUR = 38TWD時、1LVL = 54.4TWD
Riga – Bauska – Pilsrundale (Rundale Palace)公車:2.15 + 0.65 + 0.6 + 2.15 = 5.55Lats;
Pilrundale: 5 Lats
市集草莓:1 Lat
咖啡:1.6 Lats



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