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Daily Archives: 2012/05/07

004: Tallinn. 2015/5/5

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[For the marvelous pieces exhibited in KUMU, Tallinn, and for the Troika experience, check this photo album.

I got up just in time to see Mike at the door about to go out for his “dirty work” today – he needed to co-ordinate a team clean a certain park area for a certain project.  He asked whether he “disturbed” me last night, such as by snoring; I almost laughed, telling him that I was about to ask the same.  After all, I’ve been told and known for doing lots of things when sleeping.

It no longer rained, but the sun wasn’t as shining brightly, and that affects colors on everything.  Still, Tallinn’s is a lovely sight.  I got ready and went to tourist information to book the reservation for the tunnels tour, a whole system of tunnels built back in the 18th(?) century by Swedes to defend the city. Read the rest of this entry

003: Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia. 2012/5/4

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Last night at some point R. woke me up to tell that I should adopt a certain sleeping position to turn off the nasal music.  Well, it’s easy to cope with that: I simply took up the pillow to sleep on the sofa, which turned out to be rather short so I had to curl up my body.

The eye pad I had was obviously so effective that I was woken up by the sounds R. made rather than by the sun.  Since summer is getting closer and closer, the sun here can easily shine most brightly at 5am or so and wake up anything (well, at least anything that doesn’t wear an eye pad).  I’m not the type of person who can go back to sleep once waking up; besides, Read the rest of this entry

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