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Music choral and more. 2012/5/5

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Today I went to Niguliste muuseum (Niguliste Museum), a church once burnt down and later repaired, but then since it was the Soviet era, which had its views on religions, it was used as an exhibition and concert place.  As I walked in, I heard two kids singing against the organ.

It turned out that they were rehearsing. As I finished admiring the interior of the place and was about to leave, an English tour guide came in with a group, so I lingered further to listen. And when I was to leave for the second time, a whole bunch of young people, obviously choristers in their uniforms, were about to make their entrance.  So yet again I returned, this time directly to the front seat in front of the “stage.” Therefore I was able to tape virtually the entire performance.

And here’s an organ solo. Honestly I think the organist is technically a bit weak and couldn’t hold my attention.

Here’s the child (boy?) duet accompanied by the organ. The boy alto has a very weak low register, but the boy soprano has surprisingly concentrated higher notes.

The chamber choir part is the most interesting, and it isn’t only because I’ve sung the second piece “April is in My Mistress Face.” The shorter soprano has a very nicely concentrated voice, and the alto beside her is also pretty fine. The big guy that sings bass showed in previous numbers that he has some low E in store.

And then the big choir (although it turns out the choir is called “Tallinn University Chamber Choir”) resumed.

After a largely a cappela concert the last number is accompanied with the piano. The piece is a bit saccharine.

After the concert I went to congratulated them for a very short while, although it’s a pity I couldn’t chat with the good soprano. (Funny that in the last piece it’s another soprano that got the solo. Frankly it would have been better to cast a light alto.)



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