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000: 上路!Embarkment

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還不過癮的,咱們一次來八隻女武神-歡迎看看以下西班牙Valencia 2008年這個我蠻喜歡的《女武神》製作中〈女武神的飛行〉段落。

(同場加映:如果太想念我的朋友,請聽《納布果》中Abigaille 懾人的場景 “Anch’io dischiuso un giorno”;精采的跑馬歌 “Salgo gia del trono” 從7’34″開始。而有聽過我手機鈴聲的,請直接跳到8’26″-應該覺得很熟悉吧 :P)



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If you happen to be one of my caring friends who happen not to read English, congrads, you’re spared of the agony of reading mine.

I was feeling sentimental today towards noon, when it was around the last 7-to-8th hour.  It was a bit much to pack the last several boxes in the already very ready-to-echo room.  It’s true — I am finally closing down everything I have here, at least for a year.

It was too much for me to ponder upon the fact that I’m uprooting myself like this.  Even before the first tear rolled down did I know that I haven’t given up much — while there’re likable things and people in my life in Taiwan, I can’t say that I love it.  There’ve been nuisance, doubts and aspirations, after all.  In other words, I knew that I’m doing myself a favor by doing more than “just a trip”; after all, I don’t want to wait until I survive a car accident or a brain tumor to want to finally discover all of a sudden all that “the world is my oyster” thing.

And yet the sentiments are surging again now, when it is barely 80 minutes to boarding time and after I thought I have worn myself out — I was positively yawning on the way to the airport.

I can’t to hug all my friends again and tell them a billion stories.  And for now, please pray for me that I can hold back the tears and be ready to embrace many a new friend out there.


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  1. Gosh, Silja as Brunnhilde 😦


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