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Countdown: 36 hours. (And a new memory card)

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I purchased a new memory card when it was roughly thirty-six hours away from the scheduled departure time of my flight leaving Taipei.

I probably don’t need a memory card, but there’s always something in me a tiny bit unsure about one thing or another, so let’s call this over-compensation.  I just want things to be done rightSandisk still have class 6 for 32G memory cards, but the price is almost the same as the TWD1099 for class 10.

During the past three weeks I have largely rid myself of any nervousness or neuroticism.  Instead I have calm attitudes and concise, big gestures.  But as the departure looms increasingly nearer, more and more sad faces and/or those that try to be a smiley one while actually silently saying “oh gosh I’m gonna miss yousooooo much:((( ” started to appear with increasingly shorter interval, and all such faces affect me.  Gosh how I wish I didn’t have to be the one that play clown to cheer everyone else up.  (Why can’t I have my own clown?) Gosh, as if all these aren’t difficult enough to myself!

Tomorrow (actually today, since it’s way past midnight) I’ll move the rest of the boxes (amounting to roughly a dozen), and that’s final.  But even before the first round of moving, the room already couldn’t wait to echo every tiniest bit of sound — my coughing, the phone’s ringing, the clipping sound of whatsoever.  The echo maliciously amplifies every noise and paints it with a glaring, metallic edge.

And the quiet I still wonder if I have forgotten anything.  After all, this time there’s nothing to fall back upon, and I don’t just mean it in the sense that I no longer have a fixed address in Taiwan.


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  1. 放心~~一切都會順利的


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