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擁抱計畫 Hug Series: n°4- Journey to Heaven

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I had a piece of heaven tonight, I walked home with nimble steps, and the first thing I did when I arrived home was to lie on the bed grinning at the great fortune of the wonderful piece of heaven I just savored.

No, it wasn’t the paella, although I’m always more than ready to appreciate fine paella.

I met Bee tonight again after a long, long, long (god knows why it took so long) lapse of time, and it was as if nothing had changed — her smile is as angelically disarming as ever, her enthusiasm for life with no sign of waning at all. From time to time I’m grateful to my friends, sometimes for things I thought I knew or even had always possessed, but it’s only through spending time with them did I realize what I’ve been (sorely) lacking.  The fact is, aside from being beautiful, Bee has the courage to stick to being who she is and tries to go only for things that interest her, whether in life or at work.

And when we did get to sing together, it was like heaven.

Obviously I’m not a good dancer (yet), but singing with someone who can sing and does sing with a good sense of mutual understanding is such a physical yet at the same time every bit as spiritual a joy.  Sheer bliss.  Indeed the line wasn’t perfectly Mozartian (which can be worked upon anyway), and I probably didn’t get all the words (while Bee vocalized through the entire piece), but when we sang again the duettino “La ci darem la mano”  from Don Giovanni, it was like dancing with a beloved partner, and the sensation was as fresh as ever.  And this partner happens to be a radiant beauty too.


She probably didn’t know the bliss I had, but I’m most grateful for every note that vibrated through the underground passage.


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  1. It’s incredible how you both look more mature, slightly older and yet you both have exactly the same face than the very first picture. You both haven’t changed at all!


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