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I packed all my CDs and DVDs today.  The majority is CDs of course.

The books were mostly already packed, so luckily I didn’t have to spend much time on them.

Packing CDs is probably the most difficult part of doing this journey, since it says a lot more about uprooting myself than many other things.  I used to sneer at horoscopes (which unfortunately fascinate buckets of Taiwanese), calling it a pseudo-quasi-science.  Well, I still hold on to that opinion, but even I have to say that this Cancer likes his own castle, whose stronghold is largely constituted by his (impressive) CD collection.

I wanted to take photos of each box packed today, but I must have missed one or two, and I also forgot to take photos of 10 large plastic drawers, which will be moved to the storage place the way they are now.

Goodbye, my life here.  I’m now really wrapping things up.






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  1. Do you have a ballpark idea how many CDs you own?


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