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I knew the day is to come, but it seems to have arrived sooner than I thought.

I just checked my bank balance, which dropped significantly.  It took me no longer than two seconds to realize that it was because of the auto-transfer for credit card payment, which includes the payment for the round-the-world flight tickets.  That’s why.  Still, it came as a bit of a shock — I’m 16 hours away from being unemployed.  No more snacking.  No more splurging.  The balance will keep dropping, and in a couple of months it’ll drop to its half, and then less, and for the entire journey I’ll have to keep checking it and see how it drop, drop, drop… all the way to the bottom.

Well, I knew this, and I knew there’s nothing to fall back upon.  This particular source of security is gone, and I have to make do.  The trip drives me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one, and I’ve been tackling them.  Here’s just yet another psychological aspect to touch upon.

I have a sensible head on my shoulders.  Just be steady and brave.


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  1. The basis of happiness is freedom, the foundation of freedom is courage. /Tukidydes/

    • I don’t think it’s purely freedom.. but courage is indeed something essential down there 🙂

    • What else do You think?

    • Lots of other things. I’ll try to put that in another blog entry soon, which is really way over due, I know.

      (I think I have first to learn to IGNORE certain questions in/on emails/messages/blog like “Why don’t you go to Italy?” “Will you come to France?” “How long does the trip last?” — frankly before I added a certain latest FB feature two days ago I was already receiving such questions 5 to 35 times a day…

  2. 加油!勇敢的你 一定沒有問題的 😀


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